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Officer Reports

               Had a week - didn't have class today
               Woke up this morning
               Bookstore took his money and didn't give him his books except not actually
               Today was fun - sporcle
               Saw a cat going from doherty to baker and was like "kitty"
               Guy fell in the snow and it was funny
               First week of classes went okay
               Almost won the textbook game
               Had a week, had no classes
               Is not a student, or a grad student, he's just unemployed
               Speaking of dicking around, discovered an unfortunate truth about scorri's gloves
               Two of his friends who started dating in high school are now getting married
               Dick gloves
               Has lights in his room now, after many rounds with maintenance
               AC adapter for laptop doesn't work any more
               Has book of insults in multiple languages
               Has a weird schedule
               Is taking a grad-level language technology class this semester
               Had an annoying smoke detector in her room, which would not stop beeping, but then it was fixed
               Classes are fine, whatever
               Hates Zsparks
               Has been able to wake up early for classes without issue
               Exercized yesterday because he felt like it - now his arms and legs hurt
               His friend from high school is here


       Exec scheduling
            330pm on Fridays
       Event next week - tool training
             We want to get food

Rearranging events - tool training, then linear regression, then uesless people

                   Eforney will handle the stalker bidding situation for useless people
                   Scorri will deal with print contracts

Hoodies - we want to present a design next meeting Scematics/nothing - all ready to go Block letters/seal - needs to be made black and white Adam will get pricing Scorri will bring it before the meeting