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Officer Reports

               Has a grading pen, it is fancy
               Has started doing greek sing rehearsals, which means OW my body
               Is almost done with recruitment, has to go out to dinner with two people by noon tomorrow
               Dropped a class, carrying 36 units
               Only needs two classes and a thesis to graduate
               Almost done having a week
               This week was weird/good - what will next be like? more well rested, hopefully
               It took him until after graduation to realize that not sleeping gets lots of things done
               Herp every derp
               Zsparks is really flexible
               Is late, is not here, so he cannot be talking
               He is here now!
               Finding his glasses without his glasses is impossible
               Zsparks tells a story about finding his glasses... we take and hide his glasses
               Got taken out to eat by the guy he occasionally worked for
               Talked a lot about history repeating itself, until 5AM
               Doesn't get to build robots in ECE 100, sadface
               Alice sucks
               Doesn't plan on getting a lot of sleep next week
               I can touch type
               Is about to have a weekend, is done with classes and with things she needs to do
               This week was interesting, I will leave it at that
               Is having a week :(
               It's too bad
               Three of his assignments got pushed back to being due around the superbowl


       Event for tonight - Useless People Auction
             Thing will be printed out

Event next week is karaoke night.

             We need to get a microphone for next week
             Zsparks needs a reminder to return to microphone on monday
       Sweatshirts - Bubbles has size information, jboning is putting together the last design, the order will be sent ASAP

Jboning is concerned that meetings have not been going well Energy has been low? Storytelling committee is maybe considered a problem, jboning will talk to shawn Jboning wants people in exec to participate more People have been really disorganized, should actually raise hands to talk Keep officer reports brief and/or focused We have DH 2315 reserved until the end of semester for meetings