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Officer Reports

               Still is a colossal noob and hasn't written the amendment
               Has lots of grading to do - 9 P1's by Monday D:
               Danced a lot, her body aches
               Her laundry, she is doing it right now
               Having lots of clothes is a girl thing
               Set the dryer for 99 minutes and a bitch was not one
               Nobody is going to karaoke night :(
               Hasn't been getting enough sleep, doesn't really remember how much he gets
               Has been falling asleep during important things
               Still has grading to do
               Has had a lot of tests this week, otherwise boring
               Has Zsparks's copy of scott pilgrim
               Has someone to do tonight
               His partner for Distributed dropped :(, so he had to drop
               Has a reasonable exam schedule for this semester
               Is about to have a weekend
               Going to karaoke
               have week
               Nothing interesting has happened
               In lab, is doing a partner project, and by coincidence people said the name "Michael Sarah"


       Events and stuff - Zsparks is going to get food in squill for the event after
              We need candy for next week
              Next week will be Bitterness and Improv in series
       Sweatshirts - Jboning is a huge noob; he will ensure things print right before we send the design in
       CTFWS has been officially set to be March 18 - Arsenij will tell EMS and campus police
       Useless People Auction srs bzns
               Apparently useless people used to be a really classy event and people dressed up in fancy clothes, and there was no stripping
               The body of the organization shifted from geeks to social liberalness (heavy overlap with Allies); brought back the slave auction
               Stripping was introduced - it became a tradition
               KGB is now shifting back towards geeks rather than social liberalness
               Should we ban stripping?
                      - Do people feel pressured to strip?
                      - Don't tell the Steiger story until after the event next year
                      - Some people do it more for attention than for the money-raising
                      - Stripping is definitely encouraged; but nobody is forced
                      - Shawn wants there to be a general body discussion about banning it
                      - A general body discussion is bad; we should have a special meeting
                      - Reserve the room for an extra hour - we can talk about it after a meeting
                      - We will announce this next meeting, have the meeting the hour after the meeting of the 21st
                      - People who can't come can email their views to exec
                      - Eforney will compose the email and we will send it to the body but NOT the bboard
                      - Exec will make a final decision based on the input of the membership on the exec meeting then