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Officer Reports

               It's barefoot weather!
               That's it
               Can never remember anything anymore
               Is like Bubbles' grandmother
               Who are you? I don't love you
               Is in a relationship with Ptolemy Toucan on fb
               Finally got his official rejection from CMU which is okay because he knew for a while :(
               Got accepted to Indiana and Northeastern
               Was rejected from Princeton
               May be in Indiana for the next 4-8 years
               Many exams, getting exams back
               Has not been a fun week
               I had a week
               It's really nice outside
               Morewood had two fire alarms, which were really annoying
               1030 was the earliest I got up this week
               About to have a weekend
               Is in a better mood today than yesterday; is no longer sick and slept a bunch
               Slept a lot and slept more and was sick and ate a bit and slept
               Is losing the initiative to do things - because of warm and boredom
               Spring break is soon so that might help
               Beat this computer game and it made bouncy sprites


       Sweatshirts - Jboning is a noob, still needs to do the design; promises to do it by monday

Shirts - Bubbles will include an order for ctfws shirts with sweatshirts, fewer but in the same proportions Room for special meeting - 1112 is reserved for the hour after the normal meeting Next week is Art vs. Science - Zsparks must gather art supplies Make an official announcement about CTFWS - also tell EMTs and campus police: Arsenij Special meeting discussion topic:

       	Jboning will start out, either he or shawn will tell the story about UPA history

Get people to discuss it, try to build a consensus on the topic It has been shifting towards less stripping; last year was an exception