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Officer Reports

               Was booed for being late.
               Was talking to Dave, may have wasted $30 on ski tickets because he has to grade OS midterms
               It's a job; he has to do it
               It's been a pretty good week
               Spent all morning since noon grading; will grade more after
               Is going to need so much help carrying shit to the event
               Boos for Zachary
               Reserved judges room for ctfws
               This week has been uneventful
               Saw a friend from highschool who was passing through; potentially got lost
               I had a week
               I guess it was a pretty week
               Didn't get out of bed until 230pm today
               Next week isn't going to be fun
               Is about to have a weekend
               Was actually on top of his shit this week
               Not liable to sleep this weekend; will be up for at least the next 24 hours
               Next week will be not awful; shorter!


       This week! Event is in Wean
       Next week! movie night; many people will not be around for it
       March 18th is ctfws; police and EMT have been notified
       Sweatshirts and tshirts - bubbles will order, but include a note about cancelling if the quality is low
                                 Smaller order for ctfws shirts in time for ctfws
                                 We should be fine on using the words "carnegie mellon" on the sweatshirt design
       Judges for Ctfws; we will ask for judges at the meeting on monday, hold a judges meeting on Wednesday the 16th at 500pm
       Serious business
               Scorri is concerned about the legality of stripping - however historically it has been let go, so consensus is we don't need to worry too much
               The easy solution is don't tell the Steiger story before the event and don't endorse stripping
               Include this in the notes to the next exec: be careful, be aware of the situation
                                                           be careful about the event and the auctioneer
                                                           apply the tagline "keep it classy"
                                                           remember that exec is in charge and can step in and stop things
       Rerecognization will happen
       We have paint room access now!