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Officer Reports

               It is his last report as a member of exec!
               There is a booth, he helped build it some
               The lighting turned on! Despite some minor issues
               Tim Broman and him and Glisson and Jared are awesome
               Got up to watch buggy
               5:45 hours of sleep last night
               She is really out of ability to speak. Holy crap she needs to sleep a lot
               Did move on and worked on booth a lot, didn't quantify or keep track or anything
               Did the booths
               Wursday was difficult
               Mom I can run across the porp I can do it I can do it
               Wursday had to stop jigging because she was sort of sleeping on alex
               Slept in alex's bed and surprised bubbles
               Did the kiltie band (the whole kiltie band)
               The bagpipes made her want to cry with joyness and I love carnival
               Buggy, she pushed hill three, she is never doing it again unless they ask her
               5 hours of sleep last night
               Is going to grad school in Indiana! Woo
               Would be really creepy if he was a grad student befriending all these undergraduate sorority girls
               Went to a bar in mcgill and they had legit frenchy beer
               Eforney would take him to a gay bar
               On the way to montreal and all his flights were delayed and stayed in philadelphia overnight
               12 hours of sleep last night
               Has been working on some booth, doing late night watch shifts
               Went to bed at 7am and kept expecting to sleep forever, instead waking up at 11am
               Normal sleep schedule is 2-6... sleep schedule is fucked
               4 hours of sleep last night
               I worked on booth
               I woke up to watch kelly push a booth - NO NOT A BUGGY, A BOOTH
               Wrote a thing that lets you text a word to a number and find out if it is scrabble
               3:30 hours of sleep last night
               Built booth
               Started building 2d portal for 110
               (We have an argument about Valve)
               Did lots of art for the booth
               Got up to watch people push buggy
               6 hours of sleep last night
               Oh my god that was moist
               Made booth happen and it was cool
               The wind decided our tarpaper wouldn't stay, so it didn't stay
               But it was good for the judges, so that's okay


       Defectors Party
                 Cake, Tangerines, Drinks (Juice in addition to soda, milk?)
       We need to do the bake barter
          Tables are reserved by Zsparks
       Useless Stuff next Friday
               Ask Jared to be the auctioneer