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       eforney: KGB on her mind.
               Huh? it's not booth anymore?
               But she's still made of bruises.
       Bubbles: slept 8-9hrs, which is an improvement.
       tvaughan: forgot mbritton was leaving for DC.
               Oops. Watched some Psych as a result.
       mmeyerho: using classwork to procrastinate on 251 grading.
               Making cookies.
       tbroman: Tests. Done with the busy that was not school.
       kharring: owned due to booth--212 work.
       cshaffer: homework being done. Sounds sick. Test tomorrow.
       We have super-interesting reports.


       We're making an officer handbook! It looks legit. 
       This week: Bake Barter. zsparks has kindly made arrangements. 10-6 (?) on Friday.
                       (EDIT: later revealed as 10-4:30)
                       We will shout; a sign is not necessary.
                       There will be google docs spreadsheets. And a Facebook event. And misc.market.
               Useless Stuff Auction: Friday night at 7. We'll have food. And a microphone. In DH2315.
                       Some Booth art and other will be sold.
                       Discussion about room reservations and SpaceQuest.
                       Old exec gives advice about random things.
                       A defector donated a fancy trenchcoat for Useless Stuff.
       End-of-Year Picnic: one week from Friday. Clyde will be grillmaster.
               Old exec criticises eforney's posture and elocution.
               We need lots and lots of food. More advice flows from our elders.
               Lighting for the event.
       Free Skittles for everyone! 
       Mafia night: requires poking the bboard by mmeyerho. Dress classy.
       The bank. It needs a visit.

Random discussion

       Discussion of quorum issues. We had quorum at the annual meeting, but it was close because we counted poorly, 
               using voting instead of active members.
       We are unaccountable to anyone except our faculty adviser (Helmut Vogel), so breaking the bylaws... oh well.
       Facetious motion to make Mandy Simons our faculty adviser.
       But seriously, we should contact him.
       New-officer-related things happen.
       jboning rages about orgtracker.
       tbroman makes a clever comment, and we all appreciate it. Except Scorri.