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Officer Reports

               Having a week.
               Grew up in a tiny, tiny town.
               All of next semester doomed forever? Sorority housing drama.
               Yay! Having a week. Not a lot of workdeath anymore.
               Not going to ragequit his sorority.
               Having a week. Lots of projects due--it's unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE!
               Will survive and get some As?
               Having a week. Most classwork is done, but now has SO MANY GRADINGS to do. 
               That will be fun.
               Having a week. Hardly any work since last week.
               Has been sick, but may be getting better.
               Thinks it's Friday; should listen to Rebecca Black.
               Had a week. (Apparently it's over.) Started her final project. 
               Worked til 4AM, missed many classes.
               TARDY. No report.


       Set Annual Meeting at Monday, April 23, 2012.
       Bubbles earns 2 Komrade points for emailing something.
       tvaughan has reserved a rain location for LDOC picnic.
               The email thought he was named Elizabeth.
       Discussing Mafia Night: 31 people have RSVP'd. 
               Do we have a backup plan if that's too many for the restaurant?
               Cater here?
       Many backup plans for various aspects of events.
       Kelly can currently only reimburse in cash; she can't sign checks yet.
       Exec paid dues (except cshaffer).
       Vogel was contacted and invited to the picnic.
       tvaughan emails people about having a car and getting food.
       Exec meetings set at 4:30 on Tuesdays for Fall 2011.
       mmeyerho will make officer bios.

Random Discussion

       Our 1veep's porn name is "Dirty Bubbles."
       eforney makes a dead horse face.
       mmeyerho wrote "free porn" on the board.
       eforney's porn name is "Anne Shrapnel".
       The only one Bubbles wants to hear discussing making out is Neil Patrick Harris.