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Officer reports


   started a week
   all classes between 12:00 and 4:30
   did eurythmics
   watch movies with Dr. Katz
   her major is the best


   had a day
   had a british pirate hipster teacher (with eforney, scorri in dev. psych.)
   babies punch each other


   had a day
   had first classes. started at 8:30am
   cool teacher who isn't a British hipster pirate
   breakfast at Pamela's
   long day
   hates syllabus day (a.k.a. first day of class)


   had a day
   no classes today (sort of)
   went and got a bike


   had a day
   sat in on dev psych
   teacher is the coolest, and handsome
   might add that class
   mom's birthday today


   KGB is in an interesting financial situation
   had a day
   intro to ECE w/ Tom Sullivan, who is Mander but older (in appearance)
   almost all freshmen except her and Michaela


   looks like mnabraha
   slept in psych class about sleep

Also: dogs are weird

eforney and tvaughan are tennis partners


bank account.

   We need to do more fundraising. $753 right now
   >$500 in cash
   gift account with school has $490ish, use that as soon as possible
   don't buy shirts until we have more monies
   fundraiser ideas discussed


   show up with food
   reserving PH A18* for rain

event Underground Tour (next week)

   get a KGB Costco card?
   pre-tour meeting: Saturday, 4pm
   reserve a grill
   tour is at 7:30
   send out email concerning UT storytelling

kage access is happening/in the works

Activities Fair: banner, table, hats

postering? We got so many freshmen already.