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       still sick
       not too much due this week
       FMR, a.k.a. FML, next week
       had a day
       (and all that jazz)
       work due today and tomorrow... staring at physical chemistry. Pchem, why don't you tell me the answer?
       looks like Scorri
       having a week
       dunno what's going on
       looks like tvaughan again
       had a week
       dealt with shit
       had to do algo homework at last minute
       Jack Ferris is back in town, went to hpf with him and jake lengyel, something convoluted about dubstep and video game music
       had a day
       P1 - needs testing
       sat on her butt all day - riding a bike
       had a day
       had classes
       251 turned in
       had a day
       still a little sick, but not as much as eforney
       4 classes w/ all assignments in each class
       ECE something
       has to do it all
       having a day for 28 hours
       finished 451, but then it was time to wake up
       was in the trunk of Jack's car (not Jack's van)
       6 hours of classes

homework for exec: sleep and energy


   CtFwS: Nov 4 because Oct 14 is Relay for Life
   we don't have to tell EMS and Police yet
   Get Board, Get Carded this Friday - bring smaller games!
   Costco trip planning
   What's that noise?
   Next week's event: Running Jumping Climbing Trees? No. Too close to Get Board Get Carded
   PuzzHunt tentative date: Nov 11?
   Next Week: KGB Films a Porno, AKA KGB Does the Walk of Shame
   KGB Presents, Find the Event (actual next week event)
   Planning: Sunday at 2
   Bank on Friday?