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Officer Reports

       Week! It has started!
       Partied hard, party don't stop
       14 new AXO members (20 less than everyone else)
       AXO be small and sad and will die soon (like Bubbles' grandma)
       Needs to take 3 CFA credits next semester
       Parents' anniversary yesterday
       Had a day of varying health
       earns +2 tbroman points
       eforney's parents' anniversary yesterday
       looks like Scorri
       having a sick-filled week
       at the doctor's
       hidden Scotty dog on the wall
       Had a day
       now has a cough
       blames exec--no, scunning
       Had a day
       First test of semester--definitely passed!
       Wants to tell a hipster joke on next year's UG Tour
       Had a day
       Stayed up til 5AM for OS
       now really tired, but CAFFEINE
       is now on the bank account! no more embezzling for eforney
       should acquire a coin-counting machine
       used a clicker in probability
       very tired, hypnic jerks
       fell asleep in class but dreamed he was awake in class


   we need to renew ctfws.org. We should allocate $10.
       Chair nominees: Xander, Scorri, Bubbles, Kelly (sort of)
       Kelly wants to be "booth chair" (chair of Booth Committee) but not actually booth chair.
           Kelly will be allowed to do everything except build week she has to put Midway committee first
           Can't actually be an official Booth chair
       Discussion redacted
       All are booth chairs, Kelly unofficial
   Leadership meeting: more info to follow in the Spring
   We may have to renew the Kage
   This week's event: RJCT (backup: Art vs. Science)
   SIX PEE EM not 7
   Bring sports equipment and stuff
   Next week: Improv Night! No planning required!