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       is doing a crossword
       Having a week
       should get her passport
       GRE on Friday - re-learn geometry and algebra
       Had a day
       beat Kelly to the punch with Booth mailing list
       Clyde enforcing order
       "the only Frank I know was awesome and not crazy"
       Had a day
       Couldn't sleep, fell asleep, had to wake up
       feels like no sleep
       ccolombo gets -10 tbroman points
       Had a day
       played some chess, worked on some OS. is "done modulo testing and commenting"
       can now punch with the power of nyancat
       Had a day
       took a 251 exam - it was not that hard, except for the one problem that took 2 hours
       251 lecture is boring - why are we re-learning Concepts?
       still sick
       Had a day
       did something
       made a mailing list which is inadequate
       read online about how Chris Christie says it's not his turn to run for President
       got a 21st birthday card in the mail from SHS 
           "if you choose to drink, remember that most CMU students drink 4 or fewer drinks when they go out"
       had half a day
       did laundry
       went to class, took a test. And took guesses--WILD GUESSES


   this week's event: improv
   Next week's event: KGB Does the Walk of Shame (KGB Takes a Nap + sleepover)