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Officer Reports

       Has a readme in her hands
       could have potentially gotten a perfect score in GRE math
       wanted to say about how awesome her life is, but forgot it all
       *penguin hat*
       had a day
       clyde says "pants located. approaching destination"
       intended to work on his psych paper... didn't
       the week "will suck because of this shit"
       Had a day
       got home yesterday at 10ish, made dinner and it was 2am. Has 8:30 class...
       skipped his classes today
       Had a day
       had some interviews - went pretty well
       was going to do work today... mostly spent it talking with people about stuff
       Had a day
       Power went out for a few seconds--cluster computers down for nonzero amount of time
       has a lot of work, but got an extension and now might actually finish everything on time
       is probably doing too many non-work things
       test about porn this morning
       got 251 test back; didn't do as badly as he could have
       Had a day, it was busy
       flying out Thursday to Saturday for an internship. But she doesn't have a ticket yet?
       was not wearing pants (at home)
       woke up 10 minutes ago
       was going to do probability and 451, then it was 3am
       is not dead


   event: karaoke. We need a mic, but that's it. It's in DH A310. We're also doing Rock Band?
       Discussion: we're going to get SingSnap but not a mic
   Next week: movie night!
   CtFwS Judges stuff: should be done 2 weeks in advance
   eforney wants to fuck Kelly's parents
   Kage Cleanup is no longer happening this Saturday. When will it happen??