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Officer Reports

       Had a day!
       that day was her bird day
       started really shitty, but then people were nice cuz it was her birthday
       went to class today, awesome stuff
       getting poor grades on research papers reminds her she wants to not go into education or research
       Had a day or so
       neither Tim is called "T-Bone"
           kharring is unfamiliar with nickname prototypes
       got 2 exams and a paper back, went 2.5/3
       slept until 10 mins before first class today, but felt ridiculously well-rested due to sleep cycles
       also woke up 15 minutes before first class.
       Had a day
       hard at work on Distributed
       just kind of exhausted
       irritated by this woman and her presumption
       had a day
       and, um...
       went grocery shopping and made food
       had a phone interview today
       been working on OS, debugged a fork
       Had a day!
       involved ER trip
       ER gained him a 251 extension
       Hasn't had a good night's sleep since Friday or possibly longer
       Had a day!
       Make Fun of Thomas Day is the 16th of every month
       going to Microsoft, flying Thursday ass o'clock, getting back Saturday ass o'clock
       got an email about paying for booth. It's more complicated than it should be.
       was up til 5 by accident after falling asleep on R7's couch, told to go home, then realized what was wrong with her OS project
       wheeeee caffeine
       in phonetics, they were talking about what would happen if you replaced every vowel with "e": then pi would be pee.
       only his head is visible
       did NOT have a weekend--no longer has class on monday, so was still having a weekend
       epically long party from Thursday night to Saturday night
       building people are finally doing something about the gaping hole of his ceiling
       had a day
       presentation for modern computer algebra. Adamchik is terrifying.


   this week's event: now "Readme event" because party is not ok. Always call it something like "KGB Social Event" or "KGB meeting"
   next week: CtFwS. We need to reserve a lecture hall now.
       Judges' room as well
       EMS and Campus Police have been notified
       Judges' meeting in 1 week at 5 (after exec)
       Posters? Chalk? Fence? (advertising)
           hand out posters at the meeting and ask them to put them up?
       ask Quuxum about walkthrough
       acquire a tent if we're going to guard the fence?
   11/11: Video Game Night. To be discussed later.
   tvaughan knows how much KGB owes him for last 2 events and potluck: [invoice]
   PuzzleHunt: is sponsorship getting on? probably. jwatzman will be the presenter
       We need to clear it with administration
   We cannot transfer to another org from our gift account, instead we have to do checks and get them reimbursed. Gift account is a bitch.
   KGB debit card is activated
   Sometimes Clyde checks the Tartan crime reports to see if he shows up