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Officer Reports

       Had a day
       feels like many more days than 1 into the week
       was supposed to print a readme but only got 1 article
       Had a day
       instead of his report, an anecdote: at the printer in DH, standing in front of the printer there was a guy. "Pardon me", said Bubbles, and the guy then said "Pardon I" under his breath. This is not correct.
       Having a day
       lots of things going on involving Distributed Systems
       interesting, but wishes it wasn't happening
       Havin' a day
       apparently an OS checkpoint tomorrow, only found out yesterday
       woooo OS
       Had a day
       251 exam sucked
       got psych exam back, it wasn't bad
       Had day stuff
       tried to work on OS, slept on couch
       has decision to make
       had a day
       was awake! woke up at 9, OMG can go to class now. "great"


   CtFwS is this Friday
       DH2315 for rules explanation, haven't heard about 8th floor judges room
       Med kit (looks fine)
       Gatorade. We should get Gatorade.
       Campaign for Whimsy
           Facebook (check)
           Posters (in progress)
           Chalking - 7:30 on Wednesday?
           Fence: Thursday if possible
               We need paint!
           Paper airplanes? Is it a good idea? Maybe not worth it
           Wear shirts and headbands on Friday! But then we need headbands ahead of time
       We might need headbands
           where does one get felt? Michaels. Target?
   11/11 is Video Game Night. Get PH A1**

Kelly is the fence police