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Officer reports

       today was a day
       met mark zuckerberg
       didn't go to class
       5% - don't need that shit. Is not the 5%
       "Is there anything that can top Mark Zuckerberg? No. Except me. Zing! in bed."
       had a day
       doesn't think anything noteworthy happened
       hasn't gone to bed before 2 in about a week
       that's all right really
       his computer has random reasons to make his life marginally less convenient
       had a day
       did not go to Zuck's talk, instead sat and stared at the kernel, did a little debugging
       things are doing weird things
       that's about it
       had a day
       there is a theme to this report
       worked on 251 from 6 to 1:30 last night
       251 got out early???
       's 251 proofs ignore inconvenient edge cases. Very glad lowest homework score gets dropped.
       there is now a picture on the internet with her, eforney, and zuck. but eforney is squatting in front of kelly's face
       today was meeting mark zuckerberg
       that was pretty cool
       there was a creepy guy who seemed to have put a bomb under the stage. Actually snuck through a locked door and hid something under the stage
       zuck is awkward. He introduced himself though
       zuck's favorite website other than facebook: facebook
       zuck's favorite meme: n/a
       needs to figure out where she's working
       needs to do OS at some point, oh god shitty implementations
       life is crazy the end
       back to normal: tired and drowsy on tuesdays
       concked out at 10, woke up at 3:45am
       what woke him up: not espresso shots, but when adamchik hit him in the head with his hat
       is here instead of napping
       physically and emotionally clumsy today


   Annual Meeting will be April 23, 4:30pm (requires mailing)
   Kremthing? We should clean the office.
       Should we use CClub servers? (instead of Kremthing)
       Should we use some other servers?
       dkozel has been getting weird messages
       Can we set up an ordinary committee?
           Server Committee. Purpose to figure out how the KGB should host its website, mailing lists, etc. and handle any necessary transitions and web re-design.
           appointed: *Margaret, *Kelly, *Clyde, Alex if possible, consult jboning and dkozel
   This week's event: video game night. We have our rooms.
   Next week: sleepover. Where do we do it so people can sleep if they want/stay up if they want?
       make sure with campus police that it's ok to do an overnight event. If not, KGB Takes a Nap
       rooms: PH A18* and some A19s? Something in Roberts? Something in Gates? (probably won't work)
           WeH 5400 corridor? PH125C and surrounding?
           looks like PH A18*.
   CtFwS Rules Committee: *exec plus Matt Britton