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Officer Reports

       has been having a week
       took a test
       felt prepared for the first time in the history of this semester
       went to class, sat there, oops there's no class
       new word: gangsterous
       has been doing same pchem assignment for 24 hours (periodically). then psych paper, then not anything at all
       got cup noodles in anticpation of having no real dinner--2 fake dinners = 1 real dinner
       had a weekday
       very tired
       end report
       had a day
       forgot there was a KGB meeting - shiny new pocketwatch!
       kernel is kind of broken
       implement features before debugging! This is how to do it.
       didn't get enough sleep, but didn't use time productively
       can't find baby pictures
       had a day
       packers won
       studied for psych while watching the packers
       psych test was ok
       has a 251 thing... ready to be done with 251. And everything else.
       registered for classes painlessly, and early
       had a delicous quesadilla
       (that she made herself)
       taught alex everything he knows
       stole supplies from R7, but they were hers
       has a schedule that looks like a war turtle
       has treasurer's stuff
       less stressed now
       looks like dmeng
       had a day - raytracing, raytracing, raytracing
       may or may not know about the extension on the raytracer


   Our money as of this morning: ~$1500 in bank, now probably around ~$1300 based on tvaughan's checks
   ~$250 cash that can go to bank, $390 for change ($5s and $10s)
   dmeng interested in CtFwS committee, server committee
   Are meetings getting too sexual? - We'll keep an eye on it
   event! 7pm - noon in PH A18 B/C, PH A18 A 8pm - noon
   give some phone numbers to CMU Police
   Breakfast will be provided. Donuts? Start at 10ish?
   Friday night: 12am room C is sleep
   leave stuff in A or B
   Next week's event: movie night
   No exec next week (informal over KGB dinner)
   12/2 event: reserve Scotland Yard and that nearby room for "casino night" type event
   12/9 event: KGB Falls on its Ass. Not yet planned. People should try to sign up somewhat in advance
   Consider choosing somewhere other than Pacific Rim for Geek Eat - should we do Bucca again? Someplace new?
   Margaret puppetmaster of Server Committee
   tbroman puppetmaster of CtFwS Committee
   (puppetmasters: chairs responsible for making sure progress is made)