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Officer Reports

       had a day and a thanksgiving
       today was tired and yesterday was less tired
       went to kiltie band and didn't do readme stuff - not printing forever
       went to career counseling
       is having a day
       pretty uneventful
       got paper and exam back in psych - now at an 89.97%
       had a day
       pretty uneventful
       sore on her eye
       clouds pretty when she was outside
       Had a day
       wrote a paper. Took 6 hours, but is done for the semester except 251
       got a test and paper back in psych
       suspense - didn't get 251 exam back
       kelly texts bubbles: "Target had a grocery store and I was hungry. Be there in a few."
       got a whole bunch of sleep, but is really tired
       bus ride undid all of his sleep over break
       no work done over break, so work has built up
       found a bust of JFK in mom's house over break, put it in his duffel bag. Now has a head of state in his apartment


   no confirmation of reservation of Scotland Yard and stuff for event
       who can we talk to?
       reserve backup rooms because we haven't got anything
       WeH 5300 corridor to get tables
   we need to post to bboard and Facebook about KGB Falls on its Ass
       find out about group rate, should it be on Friday or possibly Thursday due to rink busy-ness
       send a scout in a car day-of, so not everyone has to walk the whole way if we're not getting in
       backup idea: trivia night? potluck? start early? combine potluck with skating?
       if we've figured out ice skating by Monday, announce that. Otherwise, potluck+trivia night
   Geek Eat: - no Buca twice
       Sushi? Cheesecake Factory?
       Pan-Asian instead of just sushi
       Plum is easy-ish to get to, Cheesecake Factory is also plausible
       Sounds like Cheesecake Factory is the best option
   Committee reports
       ctfws: sent an email, there's stuff on a google doc
       website: Alex sent an email, we'd need to pay for mail server, Kremthing has been pretty reliable
   are meetings too rowdy?