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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend
       booth, event, halfprice
       watched Hairspray. Some people drank more than others while watching
       went ice skating
       tried to get a ski ticket but didn't :(
       didn't get anything done
       the Onion thing
       went to class today
       gets to eat tacos later
       no relationship with tacos today
       has had a day
       fairly uneventful
       one class between KGB meetings and KGB exec, and what else will he do with his life? answer: [REDACTED]
       spent money in 1947
       went to mbritton's birthday party last night, stayed up way too late for a monday evening
       Catan would be a lot more fun if all the 8s were also 6s and 6s were also 8s
       did 2 hours of dishes - filled the drying rack 3 times. No lunch or breakfast.
       lunch at 3 o'clock
       had a day
       played some cards after KGB dinner which had a lot of people shooting people
       did 312 and then did 312 and then slept and then classes and then 312
       gets to blow glass soon!
       Had a day
       is from the small town of Wisconsin
       actually did play Cities in Motion, yesterday's report notwithstanding
       just spent 3 hours cooperative-sporcling in the cluster
       optical allusions
       had a day
       went to kiltie
       wished they had more instruments -- need a vibraphone, but kiltie has no money
       made pasta
       did a shit-ton of 312, but still has a shit-ton of 312 left due at midnight, but not in panic mode. But might have to skip puzzlehunt meeting
       made a bank deposit last week - $2100-something dollars in bank, $100 cash on hand + last meeting + coins
       bank adventures
       had a day. it was a long day
       assassination is his business. business is good but not always easy
       errands in a badass voice
       some days he takes down monsters, some days he is the monster


   activities fair tomorrow - tabling 4:30-6:30
   Event this Friday: Tool Training. Need snacks that can survive in the Kage: animal crackers, pretzels, water (gatorade?)
   When Costco? Friday morning ~10am
   CtFwS rules: meeting next week?
   Website committee: something
   event next Friday: Useless People Auction - put it in MM A14 or Breed Hall?
   2/10: Get Board Get Career: business casual snowball fight
   2/17: Bitterness Party/Improv Night - except not improv, because that's the night before puzzle hunt
       Bitterness Party/karaoke? Yes. Bitterness Party/karaoke. KGB Sings its Heart Out?
   2/24: ?
   3/2 : CtFwS