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Officer Reports

       has begun a week
       stayed up really late doing take-home exam for Philosophy of Language
       started it on the weekend cuz she's smart, but didn't do enough on the weekend cuz she's dumb
           started it again at 3am cuz readme takes a while
       is really tired
       friends keep asking her if she's living in Pittsburgh next year - it's one of those "TELL ME!"/I don't know situations
       another episode in the Bubbles Only Has One Class Between KGB Meeting and Exec Chronicles
       was ailing, is no longer ailing
       looks like Scorri
       in the middle of a week
       doing stuff, and then some other stuff. See you all on Friday.
       had a day
       is the Red Baron
       saw Dr. Strangelove, also 312 at the same time
       went home, did 312
       went to sleep at 4am, got up to do 312
       did 312 during all classes today
       found a useful thing: Hershey's Nuggets
       had a day
       put up CtFwS rules
       t-shirts are getting printed this afternoon - should have them by Friday
       actually went to Matrix Algebra recitation
       Matrix test tomorrow, stat test Friday
       found a site called poopsenders.com
       had stuff
       had a machine learning homework due
       didn't really do any of the work due this week until Sunday, because puzzlehunt
       machine learning, take-home exam, 312 due Monday/Tuesday
       no homework for like a week after this though
       KGB treasury: deposit last week, around $3000. $241 outstanding on UPA. eforney pays, now it's $181
   Bubbles gets report back
       this is definitely actual poop
       had a day
       is the Blue Baron
       in the business of collecting titles
       was initially thinking that he was going to have to solo distributed, but found a partner
       Mirman was planning a trip to NY, but Clyde can't go
       had a phone interview with motion math--seemed to go well


   space: need to re-request office space. Kage is considered permanent.
       need summer contact for KGB: Scorri should be around, use her
       do we want to request a bigger office space?
       phone/computer access: we don't really need it anymore, but let's keep it just in case
   CtFwS: when to have judges' meeting? - probably Monday or Friday
       rooms reserved? - yes, no confirm?
       check about more printing rules stuff
       have contacted CMUPD and EMS
       get gatorade and stuff
   CtFwS advertising: postering, fence - we have the paint
   put Bylaws amendment to organization next meeting for review. Margaret: send notification to members today.
   this week's event: didn't reserve the room yet, but will
   nomcom will meet