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Officer Reports

       has begun her week
       one more class this week - glassblowing; it will be awesome
       all paperwork is real and existent--time to prepare for Russia
       needs to buy "presents" for students who are hosting things
       is called Sweet Emily by her professor
       had a day
       hard at work at the screenplay of exec
       was fairly productive last night
       is everybody's nephew
       his uncle was in town showing his cousin Pitt & CMU
       also watched 3-4 episodes of Scrubs last night
       had a weekend
       is finally getting over his cold?
       was going to watch Boondock Saints last night, but watched HIMYM instead
       Had a day
       did a bunch of 312 - less painful than the last assignment - now trying to catch up on research
       checked out someone's old thesis from the library
       tonight: last glass class of the semester. normally picks up stuff the next week--how will she get this week's stuff?
       Had a day
       very frustrating matrix homework--reason it was frustrating was not paying attention in lecture. But just have to accept that it's hard, then it's doable.
       has to do laundry before spring break, as a direct consequence of wearing 8 shirts at the party
       [at this point Timothy Vaughan left the room to use the restroom]
       Had a day
       doesn't really think anything notable happened
       mostly 312
       312 due at midnight--can probably finish
       has another homework due at 1:30 tomorrow, also a midterm in that class at the same time
       still hasn't gotten time to deal with online banking stuff
       looks like scunning
       had a day
       had a midterm - really unpleasant
       saw a turkey
       had 251 - really easy (85-251 Personality Psychology)


   [Timothy Vaughan re-enters the room]
   Movie night is good
   3/16: Spring break: spring break
   3/30: Improv Night
   3/23: ???
   Can we make art vs science more fun? (probably not)
   3/23: Find the event?
   4/6: Linear Regression/Takes a Nap?
       to be included: stuffed-animal chess
   [REDACTED] discussion