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Officer Reports

       had a day and a day before that and a whole break
       doesn't get tired between the hours of 11pm and 4:30am, because that's noon to awake time in Russia, and right now it's midnight in Russia
       today: watched a movie called Generation P - it has acid trips and cult sacrifices in it
       Greek Sing is this week--has to leave early today
       is tired
       had a day
       didn't watch a single movie about urine
       is still recognizing how little work he did over break
       is hungry
       Sunny Delight changed their name to Sunny D in 2003
       looks like twright
       had a break--no wait a day
       very dissimilar from Thomas' day
       had a day
       in recognition of how she's supposed to be saucy, her ankles are uncovered
       had a day
       actually went to matrix recitation, voluntarily
           didn't pay attention, but it's a step in the right direction
       had a day
       lots of work - assignment checkpoint--you were supposed to work on it during break
       got it done in the class beforehand--it didn't get checked mostly
       now trying to get a 37-page doc printed down the hall
       had a day
       highlight: 10 minutes ago when he got a phone call as Rev. Clyde Shaffer - is being hired to officiate a wedding in September
       bought a skateboard with the proceeds of his last wedding officiation


   Defectors party (old people and cake): Saturday afternoon of Carnival? Sounds good.
       Get cake from Costco? We can get custom icings if we order in advance
       start at 12 or 1? --1pm sounds good
   nomcom: people were right; you have to be a member in good standing to be a candidate
   debt: ccolombo, zhuoyuan and glisson need to pay for UPA
   3/30: Improv Night
   Find the Event! PH A18*
       [eforney leaves for Greek Sing rehearsal]
       [tvaughan arrives]