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Officer Reports

       had a day. involved improv, then a napclass. 
       Had lots of time to work but went to the grocery store and played flash games instead
       prototyped touch controls for his game. got board and stuff. 
       forensics was cancelled because kesden was sick.
       wants to be called tim 2. had a day. panicked and then unpanicked about a homework. twice. 
       has a case of early onset senioritis. did laundry.
       had a day. had 2 cupcakes within the past few days. we're on schedule. 
       Did corsec-ey stuff. eforney and clyde no longer have permissions. 
       Had a day. Did not get nearly enough work done, so did 40 pages of organic synthesis instead. 
       Finally remembered the word "double" after days of trying to remember what it was.
       Had a day. did shit. has a huge machine learning assignment that she has not yet started. not sure why. is really apathetic. 
       apparently it is supposed to be programmed in C++ and she does not know how to write it. it's about predicting protein structure. 
       Probably made bad time allocation decisions.
       Had a day. work happened. wooooorrrrkkkk. Got an extension on 251. Got razzi fresh. 


   Tvaughan/tbroman needs to email the police about having an event to ensure the door is unlocked; spaceQuest doen't inform them
   Margaret has all of us listed for AFS, org tracker. trying to get bubbles as an authorized signer as opposed to eforney. 
   We assume this is fixed until next year. A trip to the bank is in order. 
   We should invite Vogel to LDOC picnic thing. 
   Ensured Xander and Marlena have keys and such.
   Need to update the keys. That can be done next year. if people are here over the summer, they can get permissions after finals.
   Margaret needs to do officer bios. 
   Webstite needs to have the domains renewed over the summer. need to make a $20 allocation at the next meeting
   Set the annual meeting- 
       kahrring: we should not have it the week after carnival as carnival is really stressful and worrying about elections is ridiculous. 
       bubbles: there will not be much time for new exec to get acclimated. 
       kharring: the changeover is not so bad that we need two weeks to do it. 
       tvaughan: carnival is pretty much 3 months long - it has to be pushed back in that case. 
       tbroman: we should revisit this in the fall if it warrants further discussion.
       it should be made a priority to make the exec more training time than make elections easier for the candidates.
       xander: as a booth chair and new member of exec, I am glad for the extra time we have before the end of the year.
       tvaughan - we can push back the elections one week and have two exec meetings that week
       margaret - the point is that there need to be more events to run
       broman - pushing back the elections will cause more stress as booth is a major time sink and the week before elections, 
       all we are focused on is booth and we don't sweat elections too much. allowing an extra week would up the stress levels. 
       an extra week could make things political. 
       postponed until the meeting after the underground tour
   Bake barter/useless stuff
       Table is reserved for BB. UC table 5. pick up table at 11 and set up. Reserved under KGB. We need to set up volunteer system. 
       We have a google doc. will post to bboard. Already on Facebook group. 
       We have the table until 5. Marlena heard from an old person about a bunch of stuff. 
       Booth memorabilia to sell - ask booth chairs
       A bunch of stuff in the office needs to go
       We have DH 2315
       Broman to go to Geagle to get food. Will need 2 extra people to carry food. (Xander, margaret, charring can come)
       Can the 2veep have a debit card? requires more investigation. On trip to the man priority is getting Bubbles authorized. 
       We can rotate MCs at will during the auction. Kharring and Xander will be taking notes about who buys what and for how much. 
       Set up for useless stuff: stash it in an alcove until then and watch it. 
       Meet at the office at 6:45. bring boxes.
       Can we reserve rooms in doherty to keep the stuff for 2 hours? we can try to reserve 2315 from 5 PM and get someone to watch
       If weather is good, we can do it outside.
       We should have enough charcoal, as well as all the other supplies. We will buy the stuff from costco. 
       Vociellis does pasta dinner catering things if it rains. Potluck is a bad idea because there is no time to prepare. 
       Worst case scenario: GBGC and get dinner on your own. 
       If it not raining on that day, we will go get burgers. if it is, snacks.
       Put out on bboard that we are doing mafia night. Make a list of everyone who is coming. 
       add 5 to that number and reserve for that number. don't take a bunch of crap about a banquet, just have each table pay on its own. 
       ~$20/person. We should get a final count by the end of LDOC. Make sure everyone has a way home. 
       We should leave an hour before the reservation. 
       Call bucca soon, tell them 30-40 and that we will want to reserve for 7. We should leave at 6. 
       Post to bboard with tentative time of 7. meet at the black chairs at 6. The important bit is to get people to indicate if they are coming.
   We did get 17 KGB scarves to sell from a defector. We will want to sell that along with the t-shirts and hoodies some time after the new semester begins. 
   We should probably order more hoodies. 
   We want the website more presentable for incoming freshman. Campaign promises, Marlena? 
   Set up a googledoc as an agenda for the exec meeting which will be updated each week. 

We purple and gtfo