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Officer Reports Bubbles had a day. involved the same things as all mondays. last improv which had a deathmatch tournament. the only rule is no hurting. sometimes RPS sometimes slaps. tim sherman won but he ceded his title to brad

tvaughan (tim 1) had a day. was a day. did graph theory homework. went to forensics which is unusual. checked out an apartment. they decided on an apartment which had a dubiously existent discount on rent. will go back to work on graph theory later

tbroman had a day. finally started on his work fart too late. as he was walking across the pauch bridge he saw a short guy with a high forehead and bulging eyes who reminded him of steve buscemi. margarets happy dance now involves giving him the double finger.

mmeyerho had a day. there was some work and classes and work and a DS tech rehearsal which went not too badly. went back to cluster and stated listening to music and it was good so she started bouncing and broman started judging her so she had to modify her dance accordingly.

Xander Had a day, involved writing a lab report and conducting futile experiments. Next time, there will be fewer explosions that are lame, and more that are awesome. Oh, and wrote a performance art piece involving armor, 2 kilts, the GPCR signaling mechanism, and pyromania.

kharring had a day. tried to do work. started her essay at 3 last night but got it done. is now procrastinating. [redacted]. [redacted]. will post to the bboard about the golfcart club with a constitution similar to the KGB's

Marlena Had a day. there was nonproductive work. scary stuff was not scary. now has a staple gun.

Business LDOC: we have porter a18* from 7 onwards if GBGC is necessary. we should take stock of charcoal and get burgers. Other than shopping arrangements are in order.
We should go to cosec for food, or geagle.
broman can make a list of things we need and send someone for food. plan for ~50 people.
we probably want 50+boca burgers + equivalent supplies (standard snack food, pickles, mustard, ketchup, cheese). We can get cans of soda instead of bottles, despite environmental concerns. We can bring trash bags.
We will want some people to go ahead to start cooking and setting up. (tvaughan (tim 1), kharring, and Xander) meet at R7 at 6:00. we will need someone to let us in.
bubbles may be late due to NPP show
we have some fire starters and spatulas (which are gross and should be washed)
Tim 1 will take kharring and Marlena to costco on friday for charcoal, cheese, ketchup, mustard, burgers, boca burgers, matches, soda, grill brush, spatulas, newspaper, and anything else we need.
We should invite Vogel. (margaret did so already).
We should inform campus police about rooms for events.

Rain plan: should we do something special with food? Like cake? or a bag of candy?
we will wait till the day of to make a call on the weather. if the plans change, email blast everyone. Bring games just in case.

tvaughan's section of the minutes
adam does a quick replay rundown
suggests meet at roselawn a little bit before 6, we convince him otherwise
or ask alex to not be a bitch (and let us in)
important that someone knows how to get to farpark

sidebar re: the word nubile (it's a sexy word to describe babies)

moving on:
Mafia Night! (goddammit everyone should look at the meeting agenda, dammit)
Except Marlena because apparently google docs has become a giant three-headed dog with no sympathy
…moment of silence and the quiet sound of typing…
she finds it, sweet

20 rsvps as of now, still waiting on a couple of exec, for shame
6pm meet at the black chairs, meeting of the minds is not a problem
and yeah, we're going to bus and subway shit
kharring says this is a totally legit route to take
adam hates the subway for seemingly arbitrary reasons
tbroman will tell bucca our numbers on friday

website progress?? lolwut
do we want to meet next week? haha yes duh, same bat time, same bat channel
oh nooooo exaaaaaaams… are not a problem

broad summer plans have been set in motion. They are of indeterminate nature
we should pay attention to having the website actually be a thing that happens in real life
you know, when people start having time again
margaret's gonna make mnabraha an account, she might work on it during finals/ summer (pfft nobody gets anything done over summer)

tim says [redacted] regarding doing outside work at work. he is very clever. we all like him very much
kharring volunteers

tvaughan relinquishes control.

Xander leaves

Donate food to sherlock?
-leftover food?
-bowls / milk appropriate?
--is isn't kgb event
Can give stuff, but won't allocate or buy more stuff

everything else can talk about next week, should schedule next semester meetings soon -- google calendar

No orientation orienteering?
-trying to be an official thing, organized not officially by kgb

we discuss bubble's canadian accent

tvaughan is a scottish minnesotan

in my minnesota, everybody is yes.