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Officer reports

       Had some days
       Not doing enough work, 4 classes have work due at the same time.
       Has to go to office hours immediately after exec.
       Laser cutting a robot
       Margaret has pics of Faust dancing around in the robot hood
       Pretending her capstone doesn't exist
       He had days
       Days include doing work and playing games and going to halfprice (which is...sometimes kind of work).
       She goes last (but not anymore)!
       Had a couple of days
       Working on things, discovered a vintage clothing shop but bowties were $8 and too expensive to buy a lot of.
       Had days
       Lots of panic because everything is due at the same time and the same time is soon       
       Had days
       Lab, work, finding out more about being treasurer
       Had a couple of days
       Went to one of five classes today but has gotten responsible adult things done
       (Marlena wants her seat back)


   Bake Barter
       Tabling from 10:30 to 5:00
       We have the spreadsheet up, but need more baked goods
       Making a new post with the docs and a call for baked things!
       Lots of timeslots are still unfilled
       Broman'll be there earlyish and can go later in the day
       We should get 8-10 people ideally to bake things
       For the future: Try to reserve tables a month in advance if you want it all day
       Get to the UC early on Friday to get a table! Talk to the info desk, trade ID for table.
       There are signs at the office, Mike can get them.
       Don't accept scraps of paper (including money)/homework, pens and pencils, or actual trash for bartering.
   Useless Stuff
       Shopping! Rose can be the driver. 4:00 on Thursday, Broman is bringing the Costco membership. 
       All the stuff needs to go from the UC to Doherty.
       DH2315 reserved for 5:30
       Meet at table or office at (a little before) 5:00
       The Actual Event
           Bids in $1 increments, bundle it if it's not worth that much
           Don't accept large pieces of sheet metal!
           Two people recoding bids for safety-who bought what for how much (Dillon and Zora)
   LDoC picnic
       At Farpark (only JRAM knows how to get there)
           Bubbles: When in doubt turn left.
           Apparently it's a space called the Bartlett Shelter. Old Exec will help lead!
           Meet at Black Chairs at 5:30!
           We should email Vogel, but it's unclear if he's our actual advisor anymore
               According to the email attached to the position, we're our own advisor
   Mafia Night:
       Usual attendence is 30-40
       Announce it next meeting, get people to rsvp (they have to rsvp!! It's a yes-or-no question!)
       Call restaurant and make reservation (last year was for 40 people +- 5)
           We don't want a large group banquet, just a reservation for 40 people.
           We can actually call now with rough numbers
       Post info now!
       Definite deadline is LDoC picnic.
       Usually happens around 5 or 6 (6 is ideal, shade to early side, we were done by 8 last year)
       Meeting of the Minds is a thing we should be aware of
       Travel time is 30-45 min, from a 61 to the T
       Use a buddy system! Make sure everyone has two other people's numbers. Post numbers all of the places.

Transition Business:

   Mailman and mailing list stuff has happened, officer bios and keys on their way.
   Still need to updated officers and positions on the Bridge
   Zora needs to check afs privileges
   Change contacts for webspace things (cmukgb and ctfws)
       Also allocated money for renewing them (about $10 or $20 each).
   Website update is a lot of work, but bios will be updated
       We want 200 lightly used lasers
       Email jboning

Other Bidness:

   Communications via the exec email:
       There's a lot of spam
       It's either Marlena's responsibility to reply or we'll talk about it in exec if there's more than way to answer a question
       Otherwise (where and when questions) just answer.
   Chalk for chalking next fall
       We need the big chalk and a lot of it because it gets used up fast
       Deferring the discussion to next week
   (Mike leaves to beg for classes)
   JRAM and Caroline are BACKING OUT of the Sick Mashup Battle
       tvaughan enters the fray with Crazy Train Inc. (he totally would have won)