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Officer Reports

       had a week
       filled with vicodin and hate a professor
           like, a lot of hate wow okay
       hasn't really started any hw yet
       had a stuco but it got canceled because the teacher graduated
       had a week
       had all her classes
       all she can think is jobs jobs jobs
           has only found three that she's interested in
       had a past couple days (seems like past couple weeks)
       most things have been fun
       had a week
       bought lots of dollars worth of art supplies and biked them home
       bikes don't like portfolios
       had a week
       in denial about level of business
       had a week
       passionately hates a prof
       done with all hw
       had a week
       week is set up so it feels like a 9 to 6 job
       has research! doing research! it's exciting!

This Week's Event

   Potluck in the Park!
       8/30, 5:45, UC Black Chairs to Flagstaff
       Food status is fine
       Rain Plan?
           PH A18
       People need to pick up their office keys & check on:
       JRAM will get/has soda
       Broman has water in R7

Next Week's Events

   Activities fair
       9/4, 4:30-6:30
           Caroline, Zora, and Broman can be there before 4:30
           JRAM will just be busy
           Mike can be there at 4:30
       Need to update the hat flyers--Mike's job unless Marlena does it first
           flyers are in afs space
           post the flyer on facebook so anyone can print it and make sure it folds right
       Meet at the office at 3:30 on 9/4 for setup and hat folding
       Make a signup form--Caroline
           andrew id
           interesting column
               mundane super power?
                   broman's would be to immediately identify the context of conversations he walked in on
       We need tape for our banner
           bring tape!
   Underground Tour
       9/6, 7:30, UC Black Chairs
       painting the fence?
           Mike will check paint
           If we have paint, and can get it wednesday night, then maybe?
               Caroline will buy paint if we need it
       We should probably avoid causing car accidents by chalking ON Forbes ave
           it should happen
               it should happen a lot
           BUT only on campus, in places where it's allowed to poster
           give posters to people in the meeting on monday
               Mike can do it
               old posters are also in afs space
       Parallel Underground
           Mike may do stage managing?
           Stuart, Christian, Ropher have expressed interest
           Xander wanted to DO stuff
               we can get Xander to schmuck about helping from places that don't exist?
           Grill reservation
               JRAM can do it
               Call people, avoid forms
           Check Charcoal status and get Costco burgers
               JRAM can probably get Drew to take him
               Broman should go too
           Get a backup room in case it's raining
   UG Tour Storytellers Meeting!
       Labor Day, 3:00, location tbd
       Will probably take care of itself

Future Events

   9/13: Get Board Get Carded
           Broman: "You might be right; I like my argument for what you're saying better."
       Running Jumping Climbing Trees
       Halloween Party
   10/25 and 11/8 are possibilities for CtFwS
       Mid semester break is before 10/25 so that might be good?
       Post to group for feedback
       The Wean 4 exit is now blocked off??

Other Stuff

   Costco Membership
       If Mike has a car we can keep it, since we can actually get there
       Will have to get transferred to JRAM and Dillon
           Maybe Mike?
       but we could also get stuff from Giant Eagle quickly and easily
   Loaning Storage
       Spirit needs more storage
       Willing to pay us
       For fall only?
           could be problematic if they don't get it out by winter break
       Also depends on WHAT they're storing
           buckets of paint would be fine, but using it as a workshop is not
           Providing they would work with us to get it out before winter break
               or else we do what we will with it
           and that the stuff stored is mostly unobtrusive
               10x10ft is about $140 per month
                   you can fit the stuff of an average 2 bedroom apartment
               we have less than that
               we can price it depending on how much they have
               b/w $100 and $200
   rescheduling exec?
       can't move it later, Dillon TAs a recitation
       there isn't really another time
       Wednesdays mayyyy be available?
       We'll do a new when to meet poll based on new schedules
       We should change times SOON so sorority things don't get in the way
       Poster more?
           For meetings, maybe?
           Do it for events in the first few weeks
       you can twist the speaker to deepen the bass
       Oppa Crazy Train