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Officer Reports

       had a week
       kinda sucked because he got sick on tuesday (because he spent time outdoors at all)
           it was very annoying
       but he hates his professor less
       had a week
       made contact with alums
       woefully lazy in the academic department
       had a past couple of days
       involved TAing and homework and stuff
       had a week
       starting to understand that when people say art is a lot of work it's really a lot of work
       so that'll be an exciting adventure
           but it'll be fun work instead of death work
       Had a week
       monday wasn't really part of the week
       and then the rest was concepts
       had a couple of days
       caught broman's sick or will's sick or something
       there was activities fair and stuff
           had to haul like 30 pounds of change to craig street
       Found out we had less money than we thought, but the change fixed that.
       had a week
       has a lot of class
           there's more because she can't skip it
       but she got all her work for today done!

This Week's Event

   Underground Tour
       Friday 9/6, 7:30, UC Black Chairs
           People reserved them but there will be one unused grill at the fence that people won't be using
           we have to clean it afterwards though

Next Week's Event

   Get Board Get Carded
       9/13, 7:00,

Future Events

       8th better for alums, but the Fall Concert is on the 8th
           So the 25th is better
           Breed Hall
               People have a lot of downtime, but there are also plenty of people who want to sing
               Different room?
                   That's splitting the event though, and you can't just flow through the rooms
                   Would change the event from everyone-does-stuff-together to a more seperate thing
   10/11 (Day before Puzzlehunt)
       JRAM, Dillon, and Broman can't be there because Puzzlehunt
       Casino Night may be on the outs because of low attendance/interest
       Need something low maintainance ish
       Video game night?
           Caroline doesn't usually participate, so that would be kind of lame
       Usually early 1st semester instead of late 2nd semester
           So people have a better feel for how much time they'll have
   New events?
       Generally 1 new one a year?
       It's really hard though
       Casino night was new, but it's petered off
       Also Find The Event

Other Stuff

   Facebook problems
       Apparently the issue with having to create many events isn't a thing
           can create a public event and then invite all KGB
       Don't actually need an account on CClub to edit
       Can't edit the CtFwS site without logging in though
       For cmukgb.com, Marlena should put the url in the exec handbook
       Stated Purpose
           We need a new one, there's just a placeholder now
           Apparently there's one in the bylaws that is "real official and real dumb"
       KGB Description
           Some of the jokes are old and kind of outdated
               not your fucking khakis, on the right side of the guns when the revolution comes, etc
           bring your ideas!
       Blog format?
           News posts?
               New inside jokes
               weird stuff at events
           Send Marlena stuff you want on the blog!
       Dollars for Nearly Free Speach
           we need them so it can just pull from credit when it renews
       Haven't heard back from Spirit about storage
           Maybe, maybe not gonna happen?
       We should write stuff on the wall in cluster for the Underground Tour
       We should also make events on the Bridge
           We just need to have them exist so they're on the calendar
       dlist stuff
           Marlena is updating and will email about the underground tour tonight
               should also point to the website and facebook
                   we don't really need to point to the bridge
           JRAM should let Marlena know if A18 gets confirmed for GBGC by tonight
               otherwise just assume we'll be in A18
       We had one last year, we can get one this year
       It's a debit card that links to our cmu account
           so Dillon and Broman can pay for stuff with the card
       We've had 2 p-cards in the past
       we need an official sounding reason
           make things easier for Booth
           we also make weekly grocery trips
       1 time purchase limit needs to account for tshirts
   Add Exec/GBM times/locations to the Google Calendar
   Rescheduling Exec
       The only time everyone marked they were available was 6:30-7:30 Tuesday
       Marlena should email people and reserve a room
           We have this room for another week so it should be fine either way
   Costco Membership
       We have the possibility to renew the Costco membership
       Giant Eagle is more convenient legally
       Last week we went to Costco every two weeks
       So it looks like no
           but for occasional things we can just use Drew
       Authorized signer training lies, we can use p-cards at Costco
   Extra Kage Keys
       We have 7 extra through bureaucratic shenanigans
       Should we give them to trustworthy older people?
           We should do it on a case by case basis
       We can give Margaret a key to get Sully into the Kage to get his drill
       We need a better way to do it, it's expensive
   "CMU is hard"
       Storytellers committee
       Telling freshmen that they can come talk to us if they have to
           because CMU is /hard/
       Caroline'll do it this year
       Googledoc about things people are good at?
           Nah, it's a weird obligatory thing
       Crazy Wizard