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Officer Reports

       is having a week
       it hasn't changed much since yesterday
       has one class on tues and thurs (first class) in this hallway
           SHOULD never be late
           but is
           Dillon has found that at a brisk pace it's about 8 minutes
       has had a 26 hours
       finds that getting to her first class takes 15 minutes
           it's in hammerschlag
       did some work
       had a past 26 hrs
       strangely productive
       was doing things, asleep, or in classes
           all three at the same time
       had a couple of days
       were mostly bad
       things are looking up
       had a day
       actually got some stuff done
       takes them about 12 minutes to get from their door to classes
           so now we know that
       had a past day
       lots of stuff he needs to do
           because he spent his weekend not doing anything
       they've erected a giant thing of liquid nitrogen next to Hammerschlag
       had a past 26 hrs
       is less sick than yesterday
       figuring out the shuttle system
       last night she was the only white person on the bus
       also the only non grad student

This Week's Event

   GBGC (Get Board Get Drew?) (9/13)
       Maybe some drawing games?
           Marlena's game
           Something to do with blank white cards
       "The name of the event is leave the event and get drunk"
           ((no don't do that))

Next Week's Event

   RJCT (9/20)
       6:30, Flagstaff Hill (rainplan Porter A18*)
       Fuck You Frisbee (no)
       We could play Flagstaff ball (?)
           like soccer but there's one goal
       Sunset is at about 7:20, so we'd have about until 8ish
       S'mores at Donner Ditch after?
           Need to purchase
               Hershey's Milk Chocolate
               Graham Crackers
       Marlena & Caroline can't be there

Future Events

   9/27: KGB Digs Its Own Grave
       What room?
           Breed Hall is reserved by someone else
               Weirdly wide?
           Margaret Morrison A14?
               We'd have to put the queue on the right side of the board
                   because of the projector
                   which would be weird?
           DH 1212?
           JRAM can pick between A14 and 1212
               A14 it is
   We have 4 event times open right now, and 4 ideas?
       KGB Takes a Nap
           Usually before finals
               when exec is too busy for this shit
               but are willing to bring snacks and be in a room
           Trivia Night
               We might want to do more interesting questions
                   rather than just jeopardy
               so later probably
           Good time for Video Game Night
               Because we can do it without additional prep
               It's also kind of psychographic specific
                   So we should maybe plan a new event?
                       Mike is making a googledoc
       10/11 (Day before Puzzlehunt): KGB Takes a Nap?
           New name for the event?
           Planning is on Zora, Marlena, Caroline, and Mike
               Broman, JRAM, Dillon will be puzzlehunting
       Ice Skating
           We should do the thing
           12/6 (LDOC)
       Find the event
           Reeeeally fun from a non-exec standpoint
           Kind of lonely for exec
           Takes a lot of prep
               We could draft people to help?
               Or have more things physically closer together
           Obscure Games experience could help plan it
               Marlena knows stuff
               Carnival (Circus) theme?
       New Events?
           Pun based event?
           Field Trip event?
               Probably expensive
                   would have to arrange transportation
               also maybe wouldn't be able to do that on a Friday?

Other Stuff

       Marlena posted the pravda?!
   Loaning Storage
       Waiting on Spirit
       Got some new people on Monday!
           They looked scared (but so do many)
       Dillon is doing that now kind of
   KGB Printing
       There's a student activities printer
       But it'll charge it to the organization
       We need our oracle string, though
           and how we get that is unclear
   Exec takes the freshmen to dinner?
       (AKA Exec Suffers an On-Campus Meal for Recruiting Porpoises)
       Was on a sunday or something last year
       Could do it on a Friday evening, before the event?
           Like dinner before move-on
           before movie night?
               nah, midsemester break
           before name this thing?
               it would probably be bad for the 2vp and President to just ditch after dinner
   Updating the calendar!
       So many updates
   Mike has to go, there's a thing for a thing for the this
       (officer training)
   CMU is Hard
           Xander has input
               If it helps one person it's worth it
               We can solicit people and figure out how private it should be
           It didn't work last year--how can it work better?
               Make a page on the website?
                   With people and blurbs about them
                   Also pictures
                   Is there a way to make a page publically editable
                       there are comments, so that could be a thing
                   Marlena will look into it
           But it kind of formalizes the process
               we're a social org--we shouldn't be a formal academic support process
               but it could also facilitate talking that hasn't happened before
                   could be easier to find ins (i.e. Marlena and the school of art)
           A committee?
               "The Committee of People Things Doing Useful Stuff"
               Opportunity for people to schmuck and volunteer, basically
               It'll keep it among active members, and in meetings
                   Doesn't formalize it in the same way, because of the lack of writing
           We maybe need to think more about general life path stuff, rather than specific classes
               Which is harder to take the measure of
               but also naturally less formal
                   and less of a time committment
               Which brings us back to to formal-informalness of a committee
       Leaving on a Crazy Train
           done in 30 minutes because JRAM remembered that Exec was today and not thursday
           It will haunt Marlena's nightmares for years to come
               also all of ours