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       had a day
       it was TOC
       pretty good because the company he cares about remembers him and knows he's a smart person who's good at stuff
       eventually he'll finish with 210
       had a day
       consisted of enough busy things to make him
       worked on compilers
       decided to drop compilers
       is looking for mini 2 courses to get units up
           mike says they have a 3d art mini??
       had a day
       apparently watching zora and mike do programming is like watching people watch sports
       but they did it!
       and then tuesday is lots of class
       had less of a day and more of a realization of this week will be
       cisco seemed pretty interested in him
       had a day
       successfully completed 122 on time
       TOC is for computer science
           but some traders were nice and she got dice

This Week's Event

   Running Jumping Climbing Trees (9/20)
       6:30, Flagstaff Hill
       Rainplan PH A18*
       S'mores in Donner Ditch when it gets dark enough
           we should check for skewer-y things in the office

Next Week's Event

   KGB Digs Its Own Grave
       7:00, MM A14

Future Events

       Reserve Porter A18
       KGB Takes A Nap (pending renaming)
       Porter A18
       Movie Night
       DH 1212
       Breed is a good backup
       aaand A14 is the available one

Other Stuff

           Zora, Stuart are interested
           Dillon is interested and will do it if there aren't enough people
           Broman will talk to Ryan?
           We probably want 3
               We need people who can go to the meetings
                   Zora would probably be the best to go (b/c booth chair and on exec)
                   The meetings are informational, and then not
                   Plot and theme selection is in october
           as soon as the overall theme is announced, we should broadcast online
           We could use the thing we used last year?
           The deadline is around oct. 30th
           We have to vote on sept 30th (3 days after the overall theme is announced)
               Marlena needs to announce it to all of the things
                   (real serious business vote, pay their dues)
           We're gonna get votes of yes, no, and abstain
               yes = yes, I will help with booth
               no = straight up no
               abstain = unsure (they might have time, but don't know)
               Abstentions and yeses need to mean what they mean
                   people who say yes will be put on the mailing list
       Blitz Booth
           May be the best option if we don't have a lot of people
           Also might set scary precedent
               we don't need as many people
           the best this year might be to have a modest full sized booth
               outside stuff? (booth doesn't take the whole plot)
               construction (prebuild) will not be our problem
               art is the issue
                   last year we had a lot of art
                       it worked, since we put a lot of time into it
                   Doing a big white box might be better than a colorful little box
                   we usually make a list and then people do art until there's not art left
                   other people do more organized planning
                       what if we got our art people to collectively do more planning
                       We do that with the booth chairs and planning meetings
                           booth chairs have final say because art is linked with construction
                           people who show up to the planning meetings get to decide the story
                               art people have to show up to early planning meetings
                       we could do thumbnails and have more concrete planning earlier in the process
       We can talk more next week about how to vote and what to discuss
           If the vote doesn't pass, we bring up a blitz booth
               don't bring it up ahead of time
       Web app
           Use our website instead of an app?
           we need user submission, commmenting, and voting
           Ideally we can use the thing that we've been using for the past 2 or 3 years
               We need to get access from acrichto
           We should make it happen as soon as possible
               idea generation might actually be a good thing
       There are less people at meetings this year
           A LOT of good members left town last year
           but it seems more empty than that
       GBGC was also smaller
       There's a lot of interest in the IDEA but not a lot of action
       What can we do?
           Getting last year's members back?
           People feel that meetings are stagnant
               Very circlejerking and bugmars
           We don't really want a gimmick
           what we lost from last year were a lot of people who talked
               i.e. big characters
           Stuff like Pravda themes
           How can we introduce something new without changing the structure of meetings
               Exec comes in dressed as CHEFS
               The chalkboard thing and tbroman directing the armies (the ongoing saga)
           Call the question earlier?
               exec can do it
           Fail more committees?
               auction stuff is EH
           ability to create committees with unchangeable name and purpose?
               there's an actual rule that disallows name and purpose changes
       We didn't have it last year
   KGB Printing
       We can get an oracle number by going to the activities place
           Mike can do it (but they might need Dillon)
   Officer Training
       We have to get certification if we're serving food in the UC
       We can't put posters places that aren't bullitin boards
           1st time we get a warning
           2nd time they charge $5 per poster
           They hired a person to check for improper postering
       We have an andrew email that we don't know how to check
           Can we SEND emails from KGB exec?
               We should add to the corsec exec handbook bit that the corsec should send an email at the end of the year asking for new emails for graduating seniors
       People will check the bridge for activity at the end of the year?
           So we should post our events on the bridge
       We could have a mailbox?
           Mike or Marlena should check
   Exec takes the freshmen to dinner
       There aren't a lot of freshmen
       Caroline can think about it
       Little Crazy Man
       "It's, like, almost really good?"