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       had a day
       in which he got ahead (caught up) on homework
       got to sleep in b/c he dropped his morning class
       and then he didn't go to class today
       actually got stuff done!
       tempted to just start cheering at us about her weekend
       a lot of recruitment
       had a past day
       currently doing this
       not caught up on work and low on sleep
       had a dropbox interview
       have things due and a ptrp midterm
       note to ptrp teacher
           don't use P as both variables if your uppercase p and lowercase p aren't different
       had a day
       ran around the UC a bunch
       the day kind of revolved around mailing things
       [waves] had a day
       didn't do much out of the ordinary
       too much fucking homework
       ptrp homework is due on the day of the test
       had a 24 hours
       has homework due at 10
       test tommorow, test friday, test today

This Week's Event

   KGB Digs Its Own Grave
       7 PM, MMA14
       JRAM'll get snacks
       Need someone with a paypal account to sign up for it
           JRAM'll do it
           remember to cancel the account!
       Someone with a laptop, also
           everyone has a laptop
       There's only one place in A14 with power outlets (in the podium doohicky)
           They're actually called podia (the plural of podium)
           The plural of mythos is mythoi

Next Week's Event

   Broman may not be there because he might be dead (interviewssss)
   KGB plays children's games??
       "KGB Acts Its Age"?
       games that involve minimal setup
       How long will it hold people's attention?
           The second part might be to modify the games in some way
               extreme duck duck goose
               although, given 9-square, it might be dangerous
               Maybe if we announced the rules changing/building ahead of time things will be better
                   extablish a sort of order
       could incorporate the thing that marlena and eforney did
       we should get porter A18
       could also check wean 5403 or 5409
           having more space would be nice
           got 5403
       Definitely has potential but it's worrying
           broman could not be present or stay quiet and that might help
       Game ideas?
           the quiet game
               2/3 of the way through the night
           duck duck goose
           red light green light
               with dancing?
           that one game that has the racist game where people imitate each other
           blind man's bluff
           sharks and minnows?
               dangerous because running
               this is a bad idea
           ball tossing game of some sort
               hot potato
           simon says!
           pin the tail on the donkey
               a la tim vauhan
           musical chairs
               we'd need to bring a stick
       We should break each of them down so there's a specified person in charge for each game
           maybe come up with ideas for rules changes ahead of time
           we can talk about that next week

Future events

   Improv night?
       Do we want people from NPP?
           Good because they know what they're talking about
           there are also games that require directors
           We should still do it if we can't get them, but it would probably be nice
               if not, jcolmar? he's experienced
   "KGB Takes A Nap"
       "KGB Girds Its Loins"?

Other stuff

   A Brief history of sweatshirts (by tim broman)
       We've done them by preorders, basically every two years
       we won't have enough demand this year to do a large order
           so if we want to order them, they'll be more expensive
       we can announce this on monday
           and get a poll on facebook
           Would people be interested in sweatshirts if they were $30?
               We can assess precise prices later
       We may have one or sweatshirts in the office, according to Margaret
           One was sized to fit a small woman
   According to the wiki you can pay dues twice to get an additional vote on nonessential things
       but they can't vote twice in the same way on any one thing
           it's not in the bylaws
       Web app?
           Alex lost the code
               ...he can't find it
               can only upvote once
                   so there's no spam voting
               you do need an account, but that's easy
                   you don't need an email, just a name and a password
               CMU KGB subreddit exists already
                   would it be a problem that it's public
                       private means we'd have to actively let people into the group
                   a new CMUKGBooth subreddit would probably be better
                       mike can make an exec account and send it to everyone
       voting at meetings
           we count hands
           ultimate choice is based on general popularity cross sectioned with what the chairs think is possible
           Booth chair meeting on Wednesday at 9:30
           Ryan can't chair this semester but kind of wants to later
               but it would be good to have him around as much as possible next semester
               could we make a separate position?
                   construction chair?
                   possibly not more helpful than just having experienced people around and trusting them
                   but it would also put formal responsibility on the only experienced person around
                       there isn't an upside for him in this, since there's not a lot of creativity in this position
               we should really try to talk to him about this because we're just making things up
           Two years ago there were basically booth chair interviews
               last year there were three applicants so it didn't really happen
               next exec, when we know the status of actually doing booth, we can talk specifics
   Dillon just sent out a statement of dues
       you can pay dues on behalf of ANYONE
       Marlena's been sort of handling it, things will be better once ptrp is done
   Stated purpose
       maybe work on it later in the semester when we have all our events scheduled
       The meeting went really well!
           There were more people there
           And people responded well to the instruction to be more funny
           Xander is doing things and it is good!
           Ways to recruit are hard
               be silly
                   like the guy at the convention who drew marlena as a cat
               hand out flyers
               if we do it during finals we can hand out american cheese
                   or hand out bubble wrap
                       red bubble wrap?
               they usually seem kind of sad
               it's an official student activities recommendation though
       Say It Train So
           "It's atonal." --tbroman
           "This hurts!" --Marlena