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       had a day
       it went well
       the people he interviewed with sayed that they'll give him a second interview!
       there were other things
       had a day
       did homework
           3rd to a 10th of the work that she though it was gonna be
       and then she couldn't sleep
       had a day
       grading (as usual)
       went to half price
       did some more grading
       is fake marlena for the day
       is here for no reason
       had a phone call interview
           it was a disaster D:
       had a day
       is realizing that the next few weeks are gonna be busy
       Also reading psych papers is both dizzying and fun
           there are a lot of words and they're all small
       had a day
       should really get started on 213
           it's due thursday
       has been busy
       puzzlehunt is uncomfortably close
       had a day
       had a test, and homework due
       went to the lab
           the procedure that didn't work last week did work this week and they don't know why


   KGB Acts Its Age
       JRAM, Broman, and Dillon will be there to help set up and then will not be there
       Bridge event has been made
       7:00, Friday, 5409
       Mike can get cups and things from the office
           in general--
               Movie night
                   We unclear if we chose a plan ahead of time (if we did it's definitely unclear if we stuck with it)
                   We didn't post the poll until Wednesday
                   So in general we need to be clear
           last time we did an event that required exec to execute things and do transitions was underground tour
           We're also gonna have to do that for this event
           We want to look like we have a plan
               The four that are gonna be there can meet sometime this week and plan separately
           ordering the games will be important
               the quiet game would have to be in the middle
           make sure that we know the rules
               it seems to be difficult to come up with twists that both sound entertaining and actually are
               we want more mechanic changes, rather than flavor changes
                   we can use flavor twists to disguise the lack of actual changes on like, one game
               if we use the soviet twists enough, we can start introducing arbitrary rules with no prior explanation
                   so, gamerunner intervention
                   "people are forced to do random weird things"
               chanting, then clapping in counting
                   usually to 10?
                   broman only went up to 5
                       he's such an apostate
               When blue is called, point to a blue surface, unless you pointed to a blue surface last time
                   in which case, point to a nonblue surface
               can be played continuously, through the event
           Mother May I
               basically like red light green light but people ASK for permission to walk forward


   Video Game Night
       7:00, we have a bunch of rooms in the 5300 corridor
           5302, 5304, 5310, 5312
       Last semester Matt Britton brought Kerbel Space Program
           it was collaborative and hilarious
           gyroscopic stabilization was a thing
               broman has sports and hands and can throw


   10/25: CtFwS
   11/1: Halloween party
   There are three event slots left
       Trivia night will be one
       Improv night will be another
           Broman should contact NPPeople


       We have our 5 themes that we're gonna go into the meeting with
       Magic School Bus isn't on the list of prior booth themes so we should be all good
           We should make a cutout of ms frizzle and put little hammers and sickles on her dress
   report from Marlena!
       send out the dues email
       renewed the website domain for $15
           she needs to be reimbursed
   Mysterious new people in the KGB facebook group
       where are they?
       should we post meetings to the group?
       Caroline should talk to them and figure out why they're not coming to stuff!
           there's a creepy little thing under the notification of their joining where we can send them a message
       We should make sure that the invitation stuff is working
           it seems to be, though
       Taking and holding the fence
       We should announce or at least talk about it next week
           Mention that we're gonna take it and hold it, which hasn't been done in at least the last four years
           Set up a googledoc for shifts
           Caroline should announce and post the googledoc
       Check paint stores and make plans for getting more
           Sponges might not be allowed
           we can use handbrushes with them, though
       Holding it
           we could paint it tuesday night, hold it wednesday night, and maybe hold it thursday night?
           we have some overlap with Bronies, and they held it for days
           actual capture the flag as postering
               (where people find flags around campus and bring them to the fence)
               Hidden in potted trees and stuff
                   with varying degrees of obvious
               we need something to make the flags out of
                   flags with sticks on them, stuck in the ground?
                       there's a policy against it
                       we could also just put them random locations not actually stuck
                   we could just stick them to the bulletin boards with posters
                   we could make them different colors and varying size
                   we should have a little exec event to craft flags
       "Lose Your Train"
       "This is actually reasonably well timed." --Broman
       "...what" --Dillon
       "There was no crazy laugh! I'm glad you had the spaghetti part, though, I was waiting for that." --Broman