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       Had a day
       there was a 210 test returned
           they decided to grade the exam differently than the policy that was written on the exam
           which is not cool
       still hasn't managed to get JRAM's recipt
       also had an exam in which she lost a lot of points
       the teacher said that everyone would fail it so
       also applied to more jobs
       had an exam on monday
           it was also awful
           but he expected it because he's had a different class with the professor
       has declared this week to be his fall break
       had a day
       read the ptrp book instead of listening to lecture
       then three hours of "these crits are gonna be short"
           they were not short
       had a day
       had KGB, ate dinner, then decided to go home
           and then their bike wasn't where it was that morning
       had a day
       yet again, continuing theme
       has more of an upcoming week than a day
           has two midterms, neither of which promise to be fun
       had a day
       decided not to go to class this morning
           and then did work
           and then just didn't go to class
       and then research, where they plates exploded (melted)


   Video Game Night
   Wean 5302, 5304, 5310, 5312
   JRAM is making the event now


   Capture the Flag with Stuff!
   DH 2315, 7:00
   The judges room exists on 25live but we can't reserve it
       but it's usually unlocked and empty
       if it's not, we can also use the hallway between wean 5 and dh A
       or the stairs between wean 6 and dh 1
   we need to call campus police to notify them
       Marlena's job
       tell them that we'll be loud and in the hallways
   we should also email someone and ask for a noise policy exception
       Marlena again, get on it quickly because of the bureaucratic process
   maybe also notify EMS
       they don't need to be on standby, they'll be there in under 5 minutes anyway
   exec meets at 6:30 at the office to get stuff over to DH and set up
       all of exec should also judge at least one game
       we've done 7 judges per game historically
           with three games
       last year we cut it down to 19 judge slots last year
           so 7 for game one, 6 for 2 and 3
       we need to schedule judges meetings
           pick two nights out of tuesday wednesday thursday
               one right after exec (7:30) in UC McKenna, one on wednesday at five thirty in DH 2105
               we'll count the stuff at a judges meeting
           Broman should probably be at both
       We should make a post on facebook asking for judges
   Rules presentation
       Broman'll do it
       and Mike and Dillon
       they'll figure it out
       may do a thing with a correspondance between the slides and the actual rule numbers
           Mike is on point
           planning will happen, probably doing things on sunday
           a frat has the fence until friday
           holding the fence
               we need to hold it on friday so people can bring it to the fence
               if we take it wednesday night we'll have it on thursday and friday
               Mike can get a big(?) tent from explorer's club
                   space heater?
                       Marlena has one
               Mike will post a googledoc
           Caroline can lead, Mike has a car
               can buy paint and do flags on sunday
           typically need 2 gallons of red, 1 bucket of yellow
               try to get the same shades as the paint we already have
               having black and white might help to make the fence pop out
           also sponge brushes
       Caroline can get eforney to design the fence
           Marlena might be able to laser cut our logo and the KGB letters


   11/1: Halloween party!
       Porter 18*
   11/8: NPP will host Improv night!
       they made us promise to have snacks
       we should have slightly more snacks to bribe them
       Can happen in A18A or B
   JRAM should just reserve A18* for all of november


   Last week's event
       It went really well!
           Two positive emails!
       Maybe change some of the games
       We should run it again, but maybe in a different way
           Next year's RJCT?
               the games would have to be different
           we could do the indoor version in the spring
       Mike will write it up in the Exec handbook
       if we wanted to do it we'd have to do it now
           Declaration of intent deadline is the end of October
           We should inform people who aren't going to meetings for whatever reason that they can set up times with Dillon and Zora to pay them
           we had 77 people pay dues last year and 30 this year
           people were sitting by themselves a lot
               we don't have a ton of friends sitting together, so we've lost the power of entire friend groups
           meetings have improved but the drop off is still signifigant
               we should talk to people and figure out why they aren't coming
       Caroline should talk to mystery facebook members
       planning meetings at 3:00 on Sundays in Porter A18A
       a lot of people are willing to pay the big bucks
           three people don't go to meetings, two are alums
       others are willing to pay $20-$25
       Dillon can get tiered price quotes
   the yearbook
       Marlena is ready to send everything except the picture
       the 2013 Thistle never happened
           this year they're doing two
           so we actually need a photo from last year
       Margaret posted photos
       crazy on my wayward train
       "oh, god, no" --Zora