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       had a day
       it has been long
       started at 10:30 with class, through til 1:30, then interview, then more class, then no break, then meeting then 20 minutes of break, then this, then maybe a break after the subsequent meeting
       had a day
       got stuff back
       did fine to pretty well on the things she though she bombed, did okay on stuff she thought she did well on
       had a day
       also was lengthy
       has many evening meetings
       10:30 class started today
           it involves someone yelling for an hour and a half
           so that was awakening
       had a day
       lots of work catching up-y things
       happy with her midsemester qpa
       just got back from a lecture by the art critic for the new yorkers
           which was fun
           but his actual lecture sucked
       had a day
       was inexplicably stressed most of the day
       but managed to do work, and thus feels slightly better
       so that's nice
       had a day
       less work than normal tuesdays
       should probably study for his test tomorrow
       had a day
       had programming due at ten
       test today
       test tomorrow

the theme of this meeting is getting things done efficiently


   Police called, noise thing tomorrow
   Judges meeting today and tomorrow
       flags done
       fence stencils not done
           Caroline can do them, but we don't quite know what's happening
       fence is held until at LEAST thursday, no guarantee
           we should tell people that we're not taking the fence on wednesday
           post in the facebook group
           talk to the people on the way to the judges meeting
           we could also pull off a hostile takeover?
               so if they're dumb we can maybe grab it
           do we still want to do them without the fence?
           tables are taken right now
               marlena can ask if we can bring our own table
           they're currently at the Watchtower
           we'd have to make it and then put it up
           both of those things are challenging
           we could use booth supplies
           caroline has plenty of time and she's "itching to build something"
       the tent will only be necessary for thursday night IF we could get the fence for thursday
           then we'd hold it for friday and pass it off to sig tau
           marlena can bring a space heater for the tent on thursday
           if we have minifence and the flags
               it would be better to only run the game thursday and friday, though
           and postering, which we have
           and people yelling
           we should have solid advertising
           Caroline & co will build minifence on wednesday night
               Caroline will do inventory today
               there might be pallattes behind purnell
           We'll set up with minifence and flag game on thursday morning, and hopefully take the fence thursday night
           check the office first
               24 pack of smaller bottles (hide them for people except when they actually need them)
               could also buy large bottles and cups
           pretzels and animal crackers
               costco sized amounts, usually
           JRAM should let broman know if he goes to costco
   posting in facebook groups?
       done in 2017
       we should also repost in our groups
       we'll figure out what to tell the org tonight after judge's meeting
       if it doesn't rain, especially if we can't get the fence


   Halloween party
   PH A18* at 7:00
   Candy is needed
       Giant Eagle is a place for that
       should be purchased the day of, for sale reasons
       target also works


   trivia night
       will have to be planned at some point


       we're all good
       mystery fb members
           didn't get back to caroline
       we had more people at the meeting!
       Broman has to miss one of the next two KGB meetings
           has to fly out to philly on some monday morning for a final round interview
       caroline has to miss the meeting after thanksgiving
           because airlines are butts
   "Shop" tour
       people want to meet with us about the Kage
       should probably be Mike, a booth chair, and/or Broman
       Today, tomorrow, and Thursday the 31st are the options
       Marlena should copy Mike, Booth chairs, and Broman and explain why
           and then there will be very spread out responsibility
       should we lay Funkelstiltskin down
           that might be worse
       the only thing they care about with inventory are capital items
           so like, tools that will get reused
           it sounds like they just want to have a conversation about inventory (rather than written)
           if they need one Mike can probably do it
       we're just gonna give them the mafia night photo
           it's been sent, no one's gotten back to Marlena
       clarify that Marlena sent her this year's officers
       we can do this
       we should take binding size orders
           googleform before next meeting
       we should order a few extras
       Train on Me
           "That sounds painful" --Broman
       "This is much better" --Marlena
       "This is great" --Broman
       "It's actually quite pleasant" --Mike