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       had a day
       second round interview with Jane street (moved him on!)
       more not doing homework
           it's becoming more of a problem
       has to do all of the 210
       had a day
       didn't do much
       remembered to bring the thing
       did some laundry
       her homework is really hard
           but wolfram alpha solved a problem
       had a day
       mostly involved reading russian literature
           about 200 pages
       is now trying to find a third person to write a letter of recommendation
       had a day
       got into BCSA!
       skipped ptrp lecture to do actual ptrp work
       Had a day
       not much happened
       there was more pokemon than there should have been 
       had a day
       still behind on assignments
       240 has the hardest lab of the semester
           they're having the students implement pong in hardware
       had a day
       a lot of programming
           but it got done
       started growing crystals in lab
           which is really cool


   we have candy
   location is PHA18*
   time is 7:00pm


   11/8 Improv Night
   Location: PHA18(A/B/C)
   Time: 7:00 pm
   we should mention that NPP is doing that NPP is doing this awesome thing for us
   also confirm with them


   We have two empty slots and one event to put in them
       (11/15, 11/22)
   Broman is gonna be gone for exec on the 12th (all day the 12th and the morning of the 13th)
       so major planning things shouldn't happen that night
   A18 is taken on the 22nd
   Trivia Night can happen on the 15th
       which means find the event would be 22nd
   Find the Event
       Geocashing/treasure hunt?
           KGB does a puzzlehunt runaround?
           we could each make a clue?
       it'll eventually turn into GBGC
           Wean 5409 hallway is mostly taken
           Porter was good but we had noise problems
               we could get the 226 rooms
           Upper Baker rooms?
               235A and B and 237 B
               they're close to each other and are kind of in a little hallway
   Broman and JRAM will do trivia things
       googledoc for mass contribution?
       some Jeopardy boards (at least one) will happen
       and then hopefully some bar style trivia
           very time intensive to build
       last year felt kind of scuffley/hectic
           we could split off?
           that's hard, since we only have one buzzer thing
       Quiz bowl questions aren't a great fallback
       and we're back to the mix thing (the first three lines of this section)


   CtFwS redeux
       Fewer people than last year
           but like half were new people!
           but also that was natural, we have a smaller active membership and there was an alum wedding
       Forgot the first aid kit (oops)
           wasn't a problem
       Rules presentation was longer this year than for last semester
           that's understandable, everyone were doing new things
           the questions section was also longer?
               lots of repeat questions
               also questions about things that people know they said (but possibly muttered)
           last year we had mobile question takers
               answered independently, then as a group if they were important
           people seemed to lose attention a couple of times
               could we have people doing demonstrations?
                   ie have it be more of a show
                   designated people with a plan
                       a demo for every action (including wands)
           judges discussing behind the presentation was also a distractor
           cut down on "questions that make you smirk at the end"
               so maybe call it out when the first one happens
           also be more decisive about ending things
       the end game was cool and interesting
           ctfwtms (capture the flag with too much stuff)
           it was on two floors and very sudden death
           half the glyphs, all the stuff
           less than 40 but more than 30 played
           it's worth writing down the variant in general form
               not like full rules style
   Broman is missing exec 11/12 (not KGB)
       we'll try to get as much done as possible ahead of time
       we should still have exec and stuff
   Reimbursment fuckup
       Broman signed a thing for JRAM and Broman got the money instead
   Kage Visit
       they want it on Thursday
       Mike can't do it on Thursday
           and should definitely be there
       Zora is busy until after five
       Also apparently they want a paper inventory?
       Either way Thursday can't happen since Mike (+ a booth chair) should definitely be there
           mike can send the email
       So we should schedule a day when Mike and one booth chair are free and broman will try to make it
       is going well!
       Minifence worked!
           Flags worked!
               We have 15 out of 30 now
               The rest aren't where they were hidden so presumably we're good
       What if we did the flag thing again for meetings?
           maybe not, it's a fun one time thing and there would be less of a reward
           but yes it worked real well
   Marlena is hungry. Mashup?
       Halloween Train
           "Oh no please don't ruin Nightmare Before Christmas for me." --Marlena
           "Make it stop." --Marlena
           "I once heard that metal music is like taking white noise and making it something worth listening to. That was just noise." --Mike