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       had a day
       class was canceled
           because the professor was either sick or afraid of the cold
       dropped algo
       had a day
       finally turned on the heat in his apartment
       then went to class
       then found the event
       had a day
       got lost in the world of abstract algebra and forgot to make a mashup
       never really realized until today the subtle gap between the end of his sweatshirt and his pants
       had a day
       still catching up day from uhhhh global game jam
       got extensions on the things she didn't think she would be able to finish
           one was a game design class
           one was because autolab went down
       had a day
       has done nothing interesting
       had a day
       went to class
       has an assignment that's just dumb
       had a day
       involved class and then food and then lab
           got homework back in lab
           didn't do two problems?
           it was on the back of scratch work for other homework
       returned the tent that we borrowed months ago


   Useless People Auction
       7:00 on Friday in Maggie Mo A14
       we need blurbs
           exec also needs to send them
           JRAM should auction himself off so someone can take him pants shopping
           marlena needs to write a collective exec blurb
       auctioneer will read blurbs
           we encourage the person to do poses
       people can auction themselves off without blurbs
           there is one on the server (maybe also AFS?)
           we need to bring printed copies to the event
               it probably basically just says UPAcontract
               may need to change names and dates?
           it has to be signed by the buyer and the auctionee
               buyer signs it once they've payed
               auctionee signs it right when they're sold


   KGB Digs It's Own Grave
       7PM, DH 1212
       Dillon volunteers his computer


   12/14: Bitterness Party/KGB Acts Its Age
       need a room
       Dillon won't be here
   2/21: CtFwS
       Dillon's turn to wash the headbands
   2/28: Videogame night
   3/21, 3/28, 4/18 are free
   Improv Night
       Bubbles is willing to run it, but NPP liked running it and he thought it might work better
       we should offer the four dates we have open to them
       if they pick one of 3/21 or 3/28, we can have gbgc in the other
   Acts its age
       it might be cooooold in april, and on 4/18 we'll be recovering from booth
       bitterness party?
           combine with board games
           we can discuss planning things as we get closer
       we need games yo
       Ishan isn't around so we could look for another liason with board game club
       we could let people leave them in the office ahead of time?


       we really need to make an allocation
       they should be more on track now
       the Bridge is being a butt
       James and Xander should be able to get their cards in the next two or three days
       we should do them again
           UC or Doherty
           the flags are in the Kage
   the vultures are circling
       Mike wrote it not broman
       we found a scarf in the office and Mike wants it
       we can bring it to a meeting and if nobody claims it they can have it
       sorority people wear scarves
           JRAM's thing is not a scarf it is a "LANKY PIECE OF TEAL SHIT"--Broman
   no sick mashup