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       had a day
       typing is weird
       classes are almost over
       (there was a bug)
       had a day
       there was grading
       it was repetitive
       had a day
       spent TOO MANY HOURS doing a research project in two days
       had a day
       woke up
       did all the homework
       did not win shakespeare trivia
       had a day
       2/3 presentations are done
       one more today
       and then they're done because tomorrow's two exams don't count
       had days
       had a day
       likes that he goes by murphy
       had two days yesterday (slept most of today)


   LDOC 5/1
       think happened
           mike got got by a fire truck
       there's a wedding thing happening at the bartlett shelter, so we're going to the Overlook shelter
           mike and dillon scouted them, overlook is better
           they're probably gonna be free (no one has reserved them, and neither have we)
           there are frisbee golf things around
       leaving from black chairs at 5:15, Zora and Dillon (mostly Dillon) will lead
       Mike and Dillon will get food around afternoon
           rainplan will be called when food is gotten, around 1ish
           rainplan is PH A18*
       Erin can't be there, skye will be there for at least the beginning
       all food things will go over in car, game stuff is for people to carry


   Mafia Night 5/6
       dillon has called, will finalize the reservation tonight
       deadline for RSVP is Friday during LDOC


   how'd the meeting go?
       officer reports should be shorter
           be careful not to be a supersecret club
   facebook stuff
       facebook is hardddddd events are hard
       official kgb events should be public & shared with the grouo
   exec meeting time for next year
       whoop when2meet
       skye has been talking to the manufacturer about bottlecaps
           ...steven knows the guy
       $25 for a THOUSAND bottlecaps
           okay yeah let's do the thing
           skye can call the guy and he'll send them here
               it'll take a month it's fine
       they don't fit in wean but they're really good for handouts and party favors and stuff
   shop email
       the administration wants shop administrator emails
           we can give them stuart's and the exec email, with Mike's name attached
       skye will handle the communication


   before end of semester
       summer meetings?
           Skye, Erin, and Mike will be around this summer
           generally there are very short summer meetings and then people go get food
           they start the last monday of finals (the 11th this year)
           we have to announce them at this monday's meeting
       when is our midsummer meeting?
           we generally have a skype meeting to brainstorm scav hunt and check in
               2nd week of July
           more official meeting in early august
   exec comes back to pittsburgh for orientation week
       housing is hard but it's really important to get people advertising at the beginning of the week
           early move-in is a possibility, if you badger EVERYONE
           erin has couches!
       orientation orienteering
           scav hunt to the scav hunt
           we could make cheap business cards
               (last year we made playing cards, but kind of late)
       erin will have the orientation schedule by the first week of august
           has access to where freshmen will be and when
       advertising struggles
           SCS board game night went away, we haven't solved it yet
           we have a lot of overlap with SCS, but we can reach out to other majors
               wander into events, mingle, and talk about them
               don't hand out flyers! that is not allowed
           we can also catch people leaving the dance party or skipping the dance party after playfair
               if we send people there on Monday
       skye may run red vs blue (nerf event)
           keep exec up to date
           if there are enough people before orientation, it would be fun to play then
               else, we can announce it after scav hunt and do it in the week after school starts
       GBGC on saturday afternoon?
   website stuff
       dillon might break the server for a very short amount of time in order to fix the server
       wiki is hella broken
           Zora'll just deal with all the Wiki stuff until it's fixed
           nevermind, Dillon made an Admin account for Erin
       be clever, share
       new event ideas?


       actual buggy?
           personel makes it really hard
           buggys are also really expensive
           however, there are relationship building aspects that might be good?
       fake buggy
           like, rolled in a plank or the shopping cart as a joke
           put craig in it
           flinstones buggy