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Body part of the week: vegetarian haggis

Abe: (Styger erases Abe's lecture notes) there was a thing, home on train, old woman next to him, old guy next to him with Steelers jacket starts coughing, contagious, phlegmy, mini plague, Altuna composed of old guys in Steelers jackets with horrible phlegmy coughs, except during Thanksgiving, when there are nice old ladies, butter, Indians (N.B. All officers here on time)

Akiva: went home, fat, 600 lbs, made him buy another seat because he spilled over, back and left blob of fat in his room, went through door frame and didn't go out the other side, so he's now somewhere else

Styger: Event- KGB's birthday party, PH A18, Geek Eat Wednesday during finals- Sichuan house in Squill, email lbs if interested, KGB is 17, totally legal, as long as no one crosses state lines to have sex with us, sleep schedule- stay awake 24-26 hours, then sleep 5-6

Matt: (standing on table) has a beret from parents from Paris, back hurts, office key, submit to Pravda?, he should make one- has lots of submissions

Rebecca: good food, climbing wall, derby cheese- green veins, pomelo- $3 -> $0.99, 8 Furbies for $13.01- torture- leap, strobe lights, fire, goat milk gouda, goat cheese with cranberries

Emily: insanely cute sister, hug, tried to stop her from getting on plane, 3 nights of Thanksgiving- dad got new grill, Vermont country inn, 40-60 year old lady crowd, knitted, her gloves scarier than their sweaters, season of giving- why can't you give all year round?, could give 2 years paid membership to everyone in the livejournal committee, should give KGB lots of money, several upcoming opporunities for this, come to exec, bring food- people who bring food to exec become officer of the week, mkehrt failed to clear the decks

Lizza: flight cancelled, cancelled, delayed 4 hours, 3 flights, ended up in Louisiana, sushi, surfing, uncle's wife 25 and really cute, he's 47, happy, she's getting shipped over in 3-6 months, Mexican down there is better, spews out compliments, called her and her mom ma'am, 2 great words- zudzigger, gluvine, burning Bourbon, sugar


Pop occultism-

Boooooooooth: communism, vodka, Russian roulette, Rube. Goldberg., wooly mammoth, Heimlich maneuver, theramin, mad science, reanimator, tazers, chocolate/drugs, nuclear submarines, Chernobyl/meltdowns, Tesla coils, booth, cantelever, centralized campus heating systems, kernels, freshman meal plan/dining services, nuclear weapons, human reproductive system, political process, existentialism, Mir, Turing machines, video games, teh intarweb, ziggurats, classical conditioning (Oh, we can make the best game with that!), use Codex as reference, make something that doesn't exist, convince carnival committee that it does, we can write a wiki page, dark theory, quarks, sliced bread, artificial gravity, perpetual motion, locks and lockpicking, operant conditioning, guillotine, punchcards, time travel, software patents (how things don't work), girls (no one knows that), parliamentary procedure, ancibal, indoor plumbing, Victorian science, bloodletting, alchemy, Rubik's cube, siege engines, spy technology, hypercube, timecube, body modifications, elevators, weird patents, S words (we eliminate stuff) theremin, teh intarweb, nuclear power, mad science, conditioning, dark theory, Victorian science, alchemy, spy technology making a theremin out of Chuck's cock chasing lights, routing, functor, people dress as viruses and chase children, Al Gore, What do most of us use the internet for? nuclear power- Chernobyl, smuggle plutonium, geiger counters not expensive, radioactive stuff, billiards table, meltdown midway conditioning- mice, variable reinforcement schedule, unethical Creidieki is talking too fast, so I'm not going to write what he's saying, torture technique, steampunk Faustian alchemy spy on other booths Victorian science wins

Committee to get drquuxum to buy more committees

ministry of truth- through embryonic stem cell research, S. Korea paralyzed woman able to walk; in America, nuclear weapons ethical, but not stem cell research

Old Business: Cuban pfennig- rlambert, her actions

New Business: allocation $60 teh party, passes

Announcements: event, PH A18, Dec 3 email Styger if interested in Geek Eat livejournal community: kgb_booth assocs.kgb.carnival

Schmucks: csitesbo- magic bus to Baltimore, lots of food on way back Jose- bus of Polish immigrants too high for overpass

jgg is officer of the week, brought licorice things, they're really tasty

Abe- has fuzz on him, OS project 4 is out, really easy

Akiva- OS project 4 is out, really easy, free time- confused

Styger at Wendy's, we have an event, birthday party, probably in Danforth

Matt- OS assignment 4 out- easy, has been reading instead of going to class or doing work, Ceremony, mail, not important

(Abe's water smells funny)

Rebecca- just woke up, power and wireless in West Wing elevator- wireless kinda bad, good place for LAN party

Emily: $[censored], should go down (she always says that, and it never goes down because people don't cash their checks), likes stormy weather, mom got stormed in, yarn, hideous green slightly more pastel than paper, pennies dropped in keyboard not cool

Lizza: cold, wants it to be warmer, making crabapple stuff, life hectic, going to get back to work

Booth- meeting tomorrow, get plot, wits and tactical deployment of Ed, we should get someone for rules committee, rlambert interested, has to write a paragraph. Would anyone like to write a paragraph for rlambert?

Committee to get drquuxum to buy more committees- failure

Jess has an idea for an event, so does Devon

Nasty stuff on table

New business: A couple things to do, all of which involve Styger

Gopi's gas and torch and Ivan's jacket stolen out of Ivan's locker

Meeting location for next semester- try to keep A14

Exec- is 1730 still ok?, can't do earlier- APhiO

Motion to schmuck until Styger gets here

Why doesn't Em's password work?

mouse works in putty, lynx

(exit mkehrt)

Motion to censure Abe- horrible person, should get in the kitchen and make pie, if he has money and time will make cake, always wears black- sometimes blue or gray when doing laundry, passes by acclamation

Motion to censor Abe- cover him in little black bars

Events- storytelling and singing?

Styger! (and Harrison)

cake is the answer

elections- reserve it longer so we don't get kicked out

Styger: this week Danforth- special somehow, have to leave by midnight, cake, people playing games, zombiesnow- unlikely, either something she keeps forgetting or game show, April fool caroling?, caroling

black forest cherry cakes, we would need a lot of cake, could buy cake at Geagle, Prantl's- good pie, cookbooks, booze in cake

Abe's fleece covered in sweater fuzz

game show? requires time

Shantytown day, build shantytown over the fence, cold, hot cocoa, cider, 1112, terrify the campus, can't count on snow, build a giant robot- bunnies doing horrible things, summon an angel, showing all 3 LOTR- ROTK comes out the day before reading day, TV lounge, could use 303 and steal a TV, no soft bits- we can make them- people pile, lounge at end of hall? Jess' living room

Sichuan House

Schmucks- Chris Atkins- is he in charge of robotics club?, people hate him

Jess' mom one of first set of people to live in Roselawn 7, sketchy place is a coal room

motion to cake

drquuxum building 3 terabyte server

Abe- not Ed, no kernel, doesn't have to work all the time

Akiva- project 4, book report, birthday tomorrow, someone punched him in the face, new people- Luke's sister: (doesn't want to stand up; holds up a music stand)

Styger- Shanty Town- 1900 Friday, outside Doherty, build Shanty town around the fence, warm things, DH 1112, things to do so we don't freeze, chairs to drink, pre-booth event, email for Geek Eat

Matt- has a name, full of stress, read, has lots of work, whiffle bats- bored, did not marry Akiva, basement of Maggie Mo, metal pipes, art to swinging metal pipes, Ed probably knows it, didn't want to hit Akiva with a metal pipe, decided to get whiffle bats at 0030 on Friday, CVS, found Alisa buying milk, thought they were crazy, no whiffle bats, another drugstore, no whiffle bats, gave up, 7-11, Akiva slow, TV screens with cameras- looking for them, woman tells him cameras can see whole store, asks why he was looking at cameras, angry

Rebecca- made cakes Thursday and Friday, you ate it, Rumors- if you haven't seen it, you should have, Ed gave her sticker with umlauts

Emily- movies at Sherbrook, Ceremony, ate food, brain not working, dance, work, dance, work, dance, work, Saturday really really busy, knitting thing- some girl wants her to teach knitting for a sorority, CD release party, throw pennies at Joey, we don't want Canadian money, Loquot tree- evergreen- could buy 3819 and plant them all over campus, wouldn't get torn down like palm bananas

Lizza- 3 exams Friday, fun, stuff, derbies, doesn't matter what size unless switching horses, almost caused squirrel to suicide- witch powers, crab apple jam, delicious, some left- saving for Boris or Sarah, chain mail bikini- Ed wants to see it modeled- Ed could model, what size should it be?, Kage good, no calls from booth


Pop Occultism- (has fortunes thanks to Luke and Jess) career moving more and more toward service toward others- in bed only rose without a thorn is friendship small gift can bring joy to the whole family, if by gift you mean disease, electric fortune cookies, a heavy burden is lifted with a phone message or letter, 70 kilos cocaine, 10 people and 2 dollies, never forget a friend, especially if he owes you sex

New business-

OSPAM- freshmen, kitten guts, wants to train a replacement to make stuff, anal retentive attention to details, email alisag if interested

Hair- failure

Committee to get drquuxum to buy more committees- failure last week- needs success this week

Booth- numbers for picking plot and theme, 9 and 10, if interested, meeting after meeting- 5 minutes, especially stay if you know more about plot selection, pick plot Thursday, theme Tuesday

Underwear- laughs at fwiffo, asked to see someone's underwear- shawn

Say Joey's name- lots of "Joey"

Kung Fu- Ed is kung fu monkey, we are proud of him

Committee to take KGB down from the inside- cake is the answer

haiku committee at this present time I actually had something prepared, dammit

Old business-

rlambert- doesn't have pfennig, but has a pfennig- cdinwood, pshooft not her pfault

bboard Abe keeps forgetting to pimp out- assocs.kgb.pfennig- post stuff you're blaming Christina for

We owe alisag money for stuff

We used $26.26 of THE FUND to buy stuff for party- so many cakes, lots of cake, lots of cake

haiku committee currently at this moment has no report, bitch!

KGB ladder seen on Friday evening in West Wing

New business-

Goggle committee- to interject "my eyes, the goggles, they do nothing!" and raise funds to buy booth goggles, boooooooooooth, money, booth could use a few pairs of goggles, $5 to dlstern, MENDOZA is chair

Nonstandard chronologies- fails for wankery

Nonstandard chronologies- call for roll call vote, dilatory, world going to end in 2012 says Mayan calendar, move to time travel, call to question, Ed has decapitated head of Robert under his bed, shiue for $5, (concurrently, we are locking drquuxum out)

Motion to censure Abe for failure to maintain order, fuck you, Abe, can censure him twice in one meeting, can only censure him twice in one meeting if it's for two different things, is Abe too hot for TV?, why can't we distinguish between censure and censor?, bored committee wants to make it stop, FUCK YOU, ABE!, passes

Allocation <= $50 for hot drinks and maybe other commestibles, passes

allocation <= $5 for binder for treasury things, passes

allocation for seal- tabled

motion to adjourn last week's exec meeting- Ed can't do that

mkehrt- motion to adjourn exec meeting, passes

parliamentary wankery- if KGB's going to do it anyway, might as well get paid for it, changed to committee to do something other than that, violate childhood rule, $6 to drquuxum, Devon chair

Actual, real relevant announcements pertaining to the business of KGB as an organization

If you want anything from Kage at 4 am, don't call anyone other than Lizza

Tomorrow at Zeta at 19, party for Jackie's Jeopary appearance

Tonight on Jeopardy- guy Jackie flirted with- grandson of rlambert's grandmother's best friend

Should come to event

Geek eat same night as almost midnight breakfast

brief assassin meeting after booth meeting, squirting and guns and gunny guns


drquuxum- livejournal- astrophysics professor's wife, said he's half her age and cute

Andres- EMS- 1% of calls between July 1 and Dec 30 were DOA's- someone made a mistake, most calls happen Thursday between 1700 and 2000

Klipper- congrats to Ed on 11:45

Laura- important phone numbers- London parliament, bribery in Sri Lanka, US interest in Iraq, 3 KFC's in Swaziland, oil companies in Iran- art project makes people call these numbers

shawn- buying house in Pittsburgh, 3 miles from campus, parties, Alan renting room- guy who's more heterosexual than dkaplan, like everyone else in this room, including the gay ones, going to save $40 on gas, gas going to turn into cheese- Whole Foods, two signs of being an adult- mortgage and children- when is shawn going to start having children?