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Officer Dossiers:

Second Vice President, 2009-2010:

Richard is quite possibly the finest chef you will ever meet. He honed his culinary skills while sailing across the Arctic ocean with a crew of salty seadogs and seacats who referred to him only as "Cookie". Why he left them? No one can say for sure, but chances are we don't even want to know.

After his seafaring adventures, Richard settled down in Massachusetts and became thoroughly acquainted with the art of fencing. He used this new found skill primarily for dicing vegetables to add to his world-famous salads, pastas, and mulch. The latter he sells commercially, but only in exchange for quartz dominoes.

If you happen to come across any abstract nouns taking on a physical form, be sure to contact Richard immediately--he'll know what to do.

Australian Totem Animal: the frilled lizard

Written by: eforney

Preceded by
Carolyn Sawyer
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Zachary Sparks