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edanaher had, or so he claims, posted minutes.

Then csawyer posted minutes, but not to the wiki.

Even thener it was dbesse to post minutes, usually just by tagging them.

The thenest of them all was jboning who sporadically dumped them onto the wiki.

Next the duty fell to twright, who even more sporadically dumped them onto the wiki.

Later, the job passed to the exuberant hands of tbroman. You would not be surprised if the wiki had a 'no dumping zone' sign.

   "I mean, I don't understand. Why wouldn't you always upload everything less than three hours after the meeting?" -tbroman, September 2011
   "Oh, that's why." -tbroman, 4 months and a semester of 251 later

The uptick of minutes wankery in the RecSec increased again as Xander took office.

Then Zora was the man behind the curtain.

And now, Skye has the ball. It's a squishy ball, that tends to stick to things when you throw it.

   For reference, I post the minutes about an hour after every meeting, and I have a spreadsheet. Dyslec-Sec RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, after a year of juggling, Skye spiked the ball right back to Zora, who is awfully enticed by all that fancy RecSec power.

These lists are here. Sometimes they don't get updated. Check Category:Minutes. You might have a bit more success.

General Body Meetings

Executive Board Meetings

Older Minutes

The particularly adventuresome may wish to seek rlambert's minutes in the KGB's LiveJournal of Lore. Minutes yet older have been consigned to the depths of KGB's UC office. All of the following contain both general body meetings and exec meetings. Ripped from the LiveJournal.