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Bubbles: Has a weekend. No class in a bunch of time but still a lot of shit to do. Has a small amount of work due on Thursday. Pay no attention to the amendment in his eyes.

Tim 1: Has a weekend. Group projects suck, especially with people who ditch because they are fresh out of highschol. Arts and crafts was fun made a lavabase out of legos. Apparently trivia was fun. Played 7 hours of guild wars 2 and fiasco, which was a “good decision”. Seduced glisson during fiasco.

Tim 2: Had a weekend! And we have an event! And who knows how to work projectors! On Saturday he got emailed to see if he wanted to be a 251 TA, but can’t do it because scheduling. SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS! WE have an event KGB falls on its ass! Ice skating! We will have an event in porter a18 A and B and at 9 we will walk to schenly park for ice skating. Should be 6 to 8 dollars. Bring 10 it will be less than that. There should be ice, so no worries there. We will check IDs for Get carded. The skating night is 18+, but don’t sweat it if you are underage.

Margaret: Had a weekend! Arts and crafts happened where she determined that the most effective use of avatar powers is ironing. Did the Putnam for 6 hours of math! Played boardgames which was awesome. There was Sunday where no work got done. Did not sleep because deling with wick people. There is one more week in which a Pravda could be witten, so SUBMIT TO PRAVDA

Xander: Had a weekend. Was sick the whole time and as a result did not do any work.

Kelly: Had a weekend, was boring, there was work and sucky last week of classes. Happy last Monday of classes for the semester. Sweatshirts are in, so if you ordered one pay the treasury and pick it up. Pay for committees.

Marlena: Has a pretty good weekend where she did proxy. Did fun things is still bad at ice skating. Played fiasco, involved hats. Realized that she should have not bought a red bull at around 4 AM last night. A dog stole her “glove”.

Dan Kirby in dreamland + story telling committee: Mike was swimming in a shark infested river and a friendly shark dispersed the sharks, at this point she said this was the end of the Buffy movie that she was acting out. They and her family fly over a coastal area and there was an island with a house which has an old couple, and there was laundry detergent in a vat and a pit across the house. In order to summon a demon the two needed to be mixed. It was not a golem thing. Realized he should arm himself with a magnetic screw mop and a vacuum cleaner. They summon the demon and there is a cutsene with a plane crashing. The demon slayers are in the 5 story atrium plane with stained glass windows. They get their weapons to destroy the demon plane. The mop is now a flame thower and everyone has waterguns. They fight off some zombies and break windows, looking for the boss. The part of the plane which looks like Baker hall is an old doorframe with a triangle on top. Inside, there is a mine entrance, which they enter. It is a maze and they run into someone who they almost kill with the flame thrower but it was a family member instead, so they are spared. They decide to loot the plane before they kill the demon so they steal all 4 of the laptop from the laptop store, and they go off to kill the demon.

Dream one again: Oh hey I have had this dream before and went to 7 eleven before the dream resume

Committee without a second: Sleep is important.

Good question committee: did the flamethower/water cannon have a switch to flip between modes?

Everyone hasets gingers: lack of success

Possible explanation: I hate gingers. I hate gingers I hate gin I hate er

Old business: Erin wants the thing. fb statuses about warm weather are not her fault.

Motion to open Discussion on Thomas Wright’s proposed amendment:
Pros and cons were discussed. Exec is for the amendment with the amendment to it such that the discussion will be held in secret. Exec is in favor of the amendment (4 were for it, 3 were against).
There have been very few ties in the past.
The word “secret” now changed to “private”
33 for, 1 against, 4 abstentions (for the amendment to the amendment)
This will affect people in the future when we are not here
If people don’t want to win, they should not be running in the first place is a moot point
The mechanism agreed upon has to be public
Having the second round tie delegitimizing the member of exec is a legitimate concern.
Allowing people to bow out in the event of a tie, this happens in the case where there is someone who wants the other candidate to win, because there is a third candidate you do not want winning
In the event of the tie, there is not much of a significant difference in votes and such so it will not be a big issue
Part of the text of this amendment says we will be changing the current, fair, system. This gives a little preference to a candidate that is more outspoken or able to give a good performance. In the past, this has led to bad exec members. There is also no win condition written in the text. And it is silly and makes a mockery of the documents we are founded on (even though it has been done before), this could interfere with the actual running of the organization
As the meeting is secret, it will be fair if a method is fairly chosen by the parties and the proctors.
The mechanism for deciding the winner has a win condition.
The proctors can shoot it down if they want.
It could not interfere with the day to day operations of the KGB as it only comes up once during the year
It is a long meeting that is boring, and it livens things up.
This does not have a mechanism for making things go faster
Have there been problems with ties in the past? – not in our recent memory.
When it comes to the amendment – you can put it into play or not depending on if you want to or not, as exec can pick proctors who will lean one way or the other.
AS it is defined – it is a mechanism for breaking ties so it will not result in another tie.
Change the wording to make it clear that any party in the discussion has veto power. – passes.
Is there a limit on the length of the mechanism – proctor's discretion
In theory, elections are about who would fill each position better. A tie indicates each candidate is equally qualified. Secret random process supports this. People with less stagecraft might feel compelled to do an unbalanced method.
There is public pressure to the amendment.
Just because they can make a good decision, does not mean they will,
The fun will ultimately outweigh the fun in the case where there was a tie twice.
If everything remains friendly, it will work. If not, it will make more drama, which would have been there anyway
Against: a lot
Amendment fails

WE have an event!