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       had a weekend
       it was awesome
           except for the part where he stayed up really late watching tv
       Badgers got into the Final Four
       sister got into Tufts!
       got a job!
           will be working for Epic in Madison
           doesn't have to give a fuck about us anymore because he got a jobbbbb
       is totally James
       had a weekend
       involved an excellent ten and a half our nap
       in another part of the weekend
           probably went to Cincinnati
           hung out with awesome dad
       had a weekend
       there was an event
           also a three and a half hour game of Magic
           move on
           5:15 in the Kage
           BE THERE
           you have to have a wristband, fill out the form on the bridge
           dinner at Resnik with non booth chair members of exec at 4:30
       is totally Marlena
       had a weekend
       started by showing up really late to the event
       then there was X-Files, then there was work, then there was X-Files, then there was work
       Vogel stood on a table and did something with/about flamethrowers
       had a weekend
       started with the event
       then TWO BUILDS
           stuff got done!
           there's one more left, be there on Wednesday
       had a weekend
       also an event
           played a lot of Coup
       also went to two builds
       had a weekend
       played Cards Against Apples/Apples Against Humanity
           (Apples to Apples green cards with Cards Against Humanity white cards)
           strictly better than Apples To Apples
       also went to two builds


   dkirby Nightmare In Dreamland in conjunction with The Kirby And McGinnis Variety Hour
       McGinnis had a very weird dream
           there was a parallel universe
           he thinks he's awake
   Committee For Freudarian Sciences
       everyone think of your mother
   Committee For Freudarian Sciences
       oh my god no
   ad hoc Things I Learned On The Internet
       apparently you can take a heat reading of your body and there are consistent changes in temperature with emotion
   Innovative Technologies Committee
       had nothing to do with what's going on in the sky today
       please talk to evil seafood league or skyentology
   Skyentology Committee
       something happened to the weather machine
   ad hoc Shoddy Construction Committee
       check out the shitty chair attachment
   Committee To Teach You All Sign Language
       in Arabic the word for oranges is "bortugal" because they come from Portugal
   Nominations Committee
       Zora for recsec
       Steven for 2vp
       Shelby for treas
       Stuart for s@a
   Booth Committee
       signing up for midway shifts and booth shifts (we finished!)
           although I realized at the booth meeting that there's a shift that we missed
           and there might be a shift that's unnecessary?
           w/e I'll figure it out
   ad hoc Committee That Cares
       Broman's new TV show?
       and the crowd goes wild
   True Science Facts Committee
       vegetarian meatballs are a thing
   Pittsburgh Natives Committee
       thank you for clarifying that the Badgers are basketball


   The Thing!
       Move On and Midway is not Caroline's fault
   resuming discussion of motion to allocate $50 for a parachute
       exec is reccomending a motion that the allocation be derived from donations specifically for the parachute
           like, y'all donate money
           we're making a parachute fund
           "farely substancial whimsy purchase"
           not all the money would have to be donated today,
               but if it's not raised by the end of the school year then the money would probably go into the kgb general fund
           we're gonna call it $60 and then the rest can come out of the exec fund
           can we move the deadline later into the Summer?
               no, we should be able to scrape the money together
           can we move the deadline sooner so we can get it in time for the LDOC picnic?
           so we're setting the deadline to no EARLIER than the end of the school year
               so we can buy it before that, but we can't decide not to buy it before that
       now we're discussing an allocation fund
           JRAM $10
           McGinnis $20
           Marí $10
           Mike $1
           Skye $1
           Frieder $3
           Steven $5
           Jay $1
           Glenn $2
           eforney $1
           Caroline $1
           dsisson $2
           Ellen $3
           Zora $3
       DONE, with $63
       vote to committ that money?
       we might not buy it until we get all the money, so pay
           (they paid)


   motion to allocate $500 for booth for build week
       we probably won't use it all, but it'll be good to have in case for of needing supplies
       KGB funds are fine
       we absolutely do not expect to go through all of it
       our current booth total is cheap, comparitively!
       we definitely need to purchase some caulk
       also paint, 2x4s
   point of info: how were builds?
   motion to allocate $320 for shirts
       it'll all be paid back if people pay for their shirts
       it's a good idea
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $0
   TV Science Committee: to help scientists realize they've been doing it wrong all along and they should really be doing science as seen on TV
       why are we pulling science out of the tv?
       in the words of Estelle: Look, the TV science says there's plot!
       does this apply to computer science?
           my nuclear missile is programmed in HTML!
       the US is good at four things: snowcrash reference
       $3 to Mike, anybody who does "real" science will chair
   TV Seance Committee: explore the potential of using ghosts to power consumer electronics
       magic smoke
       I see dead people!...in the weird classic TV that I watch
       ever imagine that the ghosts that make the static on TV are the same ghosts that make your feet feel all crinkly
       I am the box ghost!
       $2 to JRAM, every ghost or ghostbuster will chair
   Committee To Celebrate The Exiting Of The Drunken March Lion: to celebrate the coming of spring
       people took naps out on the Cut today
       earlier the forcast for today was snowing
       the origin of this sentence is that March is supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb
           but really it comes in like a lion and out like a drunk lion that doesn't know when to leave
       March comes in like a lion and then goes out on the town
       March comes in like a wreckingball and McGinnis isn't cultural enough to finish this sentence
       March comes in like a lion and out with one less Julius Caesar
       March comes in like a lion and out like a lioff
       $2 to Frieder, anyone who is a native of Pittsburgh or not a native of Pittsburgh will chair
   Skyeties Committee: Mike Woolford told me to
       the Skyentology Committee is not just a puppet organization, right?
           well the Innovative Technologies Committee is actually employed by them
           they do the science
           it's unfortunate
       there was a Simpsons episode where Bart got replaced by a canary?
       this committee reminds Frieder of a Doctor Who episode where stuff happened and time travel
       Steven got DARK
       this reminds eforney of an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun and how much eforney misses Thomas
   That Reminds Me Of Committee: there's a link there somewhere
       this one time, at bandcamp
       this remnds me of when we created the this reminds me of committee
       this committee is recursive and no
       this reminds me of the time Skye tried to call the question
       this reminds me of sky squid
       this reminds me of nineteen dickety two
           Steven are you okay
           what is happening
           where am I
       this reminds me of the Summer of 1816 when it snowed
           in June
       that reminds me of last carnival when it snowed for a bit
       that reminds me of the next comment
       that reminds me of Frieder's mother
       $2 to Frieder
   Squid Remix Committee: to take songs but then remix them to be relevant to squid
       going off the rails on a crazy squid
       to the windowssss to the wall, the squid dripped down my balls
       going off the squid on a crazy train
       squidding off the rails on a crazy train
       hot cross squid hot cross squid
       three blind squids
       Mary had a little squid
       twinkle twinkle littke squid
       $1 to McGinnis, squid will chair


       Move On
       Friday, meet at 4:30 in Resnik for dinner with non booth chair exec
       definitely 5:15 in the Kage
       you'll need a wristband, fill out the waiver!
   build on Thursday
       (5:30 in the Kage)
   we'll buy the parachute thing
       pay your debts!


   you should go to buggy on Saturday of carnival!
       eeeeearly in the morning
       Apex's buggy hasn't broken yet
   Dillon's shirt looks like a sideview of a really lucious pie
   there's some cool 3D chalk art outside the UC
   Puzzlehunt wrapup in Wean 5304
       discussing the past Puzzlehunt!
       no spoilers, you can come if you're not on staff
   go catch Pokemon on googlemaps
   there are rooms in the Watchtower for the summer! Talk to Mike
   Sigbovik at 5:00 tomorrow!
   we are now in purple