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Officer Reports

   Marlena joined the commune
   Stuart is confused
   Mike joined the commune
   Zora has a commune pravda
   Skye joined the commune
   Dillon says there are no race conditions in the commune
   Frieder joined the commune and got stranded on the ground

Joe had a weekend too!

    many cities and a loooonnnnngggg day

The animal identification committee reports confusion

The commune will now temporarily seed to the booth committee and Sctoor, Sguertin, and Cmorey BOOOOOTTTTHHHHHH!!!

    Shel Silverstein
    Sherock Homes
    HG Wells
    Lemony Snicket
    The Odyssey 
    Les Mis

Scarves and Kappa Gamma Beta Shirts!! Mwoolfor is ordering and, trust me, you want them.

Commune; Everyone should be part of the commune

    Accept the commune before the commune accepts you
    The nameless cult looks on with interest, they are also recruiting
    The committee to rename everyone reese is also recruiting
    The ad hoc shadow corporation committee would like to acquire the commune
    $34 to Mike
    Everyone shall chair

We lost the event!!! Come help us find it on Friday a 7 in PH A18A!!