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   Ian had a weekend. Underground tour, fucking awesome. Thanks for making it happen/being there. Pick a language in morphology class for grammar study. All easy ones were taken. Need to have sounds Ian can pronounce. Czech full of palatal stops/thrilled r's
   Dez had a weekend. Underground tour, went around supported by two hair ties. Thought about math for 2 says straight.
       New members:
           Ishan. CS. Bay area. Live in Mudge with cockroaches.
           Paul. Physics. Florida. Not interesting.
   Kate had a weekend. Underground tour and enjoying ug tour being over.
       Event: Get boarded, get carded. 7pm Friday 9/14. PH A18*
       Finally finished renovating PH, can get out of WEH
       C: Ekrakopo memorial
       out of order
   Ellen had a weekend. Room got cooler by 15 degrees. Have Pravda?
   Janny had a weekend. UG tour barely went into tepper quad, but spent next 2 days in tepper quad.
   Aren had a weekend. ended with SCS, CFA is best friend. Karl Marx published manifesto on Aren's birthday.
       Tim missed the good old days when treasurers cowered in fear.
   Mitchell had a weekend. ECE gathering, got plushie, E for keyboard, and toothpaste


   C: it's not that bad
       didn't went out cause rain
   C: meeting room isn't that bad
   C: burn down R7
       lack of chance for success
   C: stupid history
       Napoleon's most humiliating defeat.
       evening to celebrate victory. invited generals to go rabbit hunting. rabbits turned on napoleon & generals & chased them from the field. they fled back & declared defeat.
   C: stupid pr
       first black pr Zach was missing the middle finger on his right hand? not very noticeable unless you freeze frames except when they had to put the actor in the suit to do stuff. so they put sausages in place of finger, wired glove in the weapon. had picture of him holding his axe where his finger was dangling
   C: people fleeing from france
       my family's here now
   C: comics are bullshit
       star wars infinities
       what would happen if we changed minor details: if firing didn't work -> red squad killed. empire declared victory. death star -> justice star. then took over & planet cracked into & killed everyone. darth vader singlehandedly won the war
   C: bullshit numbers in public records
       1. 69 version. nice
       2. subway $5 footlongs. but
   C: culinary standards & $5 footlongs
       subways = only sandwich shop sadder than primanti's
   C: culinary standards
       tazza d oro. replace car battery with tazza espresso


   Ellen has the thing.
   Ishan wants the thing. Midterm isn't fault. Everything incl finals & the fact that people think it's a good idea to assign midterms early this week is fault.
   No orders of the day


   C: D&D lore bullshit
   P: current devil lord who defeated previous ones was kicked out of heaven so hard he had new layers.
       Henry: comics are bullshit would like to file copyright infringement
       Raeun: are there 2 job openings in hell now?
       Matt: just because it's not same format doesn't mean it's not copyright infringement
       Liam: hell is like supreme court. every time a majority votes you just add a new spot. hell is a 3 party systems
       Em: meaning hell is better than the US
       He's in heaven in the first place cause he's supposed to be torturing in heaven but people were so loud so gods kicked him out to 7 layers of hell. then he stole souls so he got kicked into hell
       C= D&D + bible study
           old christian demons were better
       C: bible study
           in another motion rn
           C: D&D lore bullshit
           $10, Henry. chair = anyone who's read at least 25 D&D novels. apparently that included Henry. Why did he make that life choice
   Aren: bids on committees are real money
   C: bible study
   P: to learn to love jesus from primary source material
   > P: taking a little book and eating it up
       would be better appended
   >> P: to learn to love jesus from primary source material taking a little book and eating it up
   bible onced contained fursonas
   stoles memorial com = he's not a D&D monster. reminded of one time jesus got mad at fake fruits of a tree. told the tree couldn't make more babies
   satan has 7 head dragon big enough to block the moon from space and nobody drew it.
       C: Bible study
       P: To learn to love Jesus from primary source material taking a little book and eating it up
       $6, Tim. chair = anyone who either cares about religions, doesn't care about religions, grew up with tails, or is cory.
   M: #define motion to pot of greed = table for two weeks
   pot of greed = two top cards of deck into hand
   > M: (append) which allows me to draw 2 cards from the deck or append anything to the string
   > M: (append) and to draw the next two motions from the top of the bucket
   > M: change method of meeting to stacks
       out of order
   > M: (append) [the rest of rules] i played the pot of greed pushing this motion back to the next 2 weeks
   > table this for a fortnight
       strong motion
   > send this to the shadow realm
       stack stops here
       #define motion to pot of greed =
       Passed. Tabled for 2 weeks.
   M: construct a deathtrap to send to the shadow realm and everyone who voted to table that previous one with it
   > M: you've activated my trap card [unintelligible Em's laughter] = table [unintelligible Em's laughter] any ygo related motions indefinitely [unintelligible Em's laughter]
   Dez: If you've never been to a KGB meeting before
       Raymond. Engineering. SF. is a human
       Kelly. Illinois. CS. i don't really know i have a phone
       Adithi. NY. CS. most things about me are pretty uninteresting. have a water bottle
   > Standing rule: motion to make a run on archive = bring back an arbitrary indefinitely tabled motion for discussion
       P of info: motions that are tabled indef = stayed on record for the sessions from annual meetings to another. may not be a good idea
   M to run the archive
   > Standing rule: referring to chair as Mr.pawesident means you need to stand in the corner for 5 minutes
       > change pawesident to pawesident owo obama
           > rename 1vp = furst wice pawesident?
       p of clarification: if someone assassinated to ian. meaning it's illegal to refer to dez as mr vice pawesident & perfectly fine when not in meeting
       p of clarification: if someone already stands in a corner & says it again = stand in a different corner
   Aren: alloc $50 for this week's event
       Kate wants it to fail so kate can do the 2vp's job
       transfer this motion to Kate
       Kate: motion to alloc <= $50 for food & supplies for this week's event
           It's a good idea.
   Dez: if you've never been to a KGB meeting before
       Ian's gonna die for the first time.
       Ray. physics. philly ish suburbs. everything for the uninteresting part. specific uninteresting thing proven rigorously = is asian
   C: the purpose of this
   P: the name of this committee
       > P: yeah pretty much that
       $5, Em. chair = the chair
   C: to assassinate the pawesident
   P: to stand in all of the corners and throw bullet animals until he dies from the stress
       Ctap wants to file copyright but decides no to
       M: to fuck well let's not do that.
       M: construe 'to fuck' as 'to suck'
       M: get em a new joke and/or a bra committee
           C: to assassinate the pawesident
           P: to stand in all of the corners and throw bullet animals until he dies from the stress
           $3, Tim. chair = tentatively me.
   C: motion to create the purpose of this committee
   P: yeah basically
       table indefinitely to refill the archive.
       tabled indefinitely. the archive is filled with such shits right now.
   C: 251 ways to meme
   P: using Robert's rule of order to create a turing machine to meme
       increate stack depth to an arbitrarily large amount
           out of order
       Raeun actually put thoughts into this: we have a random num generator with infinite depth = best place to start a turing machine
           we don't have an arbitrary stack depth so that limits you a lot
       M: [Liams' unintelligible clicks and tchs]
       we are functionally limited by 2 things: google sheets & 1 hr meeting once a week for only one year
       M: motion to creat multiple rules at the same time
       tabled indefinitely.
   M: #define fill the archive = table indefinitely
       Standing rule: M to officer frank = indefinitely table or we can do cla??
           Kate: my motion is better without getting the referencing


   Event: GBGC. 7pm PH A18*. playing board games & hanging out & have food and drinks.
   Culinary standards = looking to place to eat our annual meals that is not bucca or cheeseback fac
   Aren = Dues exist, useful for voting and shirt discounts. $15 for semester, $20 for year. if you paid dues last year membership goes on until Sept 30th, so need to pay Aren before that. if you bought committes, pay Aren.
   Zombies: HvZ sometime in October, possibly 1st week after mini 1 exam. it's gonna be fun. buy socks


   Board game club: Saturday 1pm bring money
   CMU Historical Martial Arts club: wants to be created.
   Tim: holding up 3 fingers cause 3 things to say
       i'm holding up 3 fingers cause i have 2 things to say
       so far we made 6 standing rules
       stack grows down dot com = stack grows down just like my beard, then a friend made stack grows up dot com. Junt 2017 = stack grows left + stack grows right.