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Format for the minutes has changed! This is due to them now originating in Discord, instead of our lord and savior, Vim


Dez - Had weekend, have been trying to cook and Kate claimed that Dez's sausages smelled like burning plastics, turns out it was real plastic all along

Kaylie - The button! Had a weekend, dropped of matt and big sad, but got an internship!

Mitchell - Had a weekend, just a mess with every single class. Welcome to quarantine

Mckenna - Had a spring break, didn't expect to be stuck in her parents house for the next six months, so she's gonna have to buy some new clothes. Everything is going to shit here, but it's all good cause she's staying at home. Submit to PRAVDA?!

Woody - Was muted the whole time, oops

James - Had a weekend, was muted as well. Had to move because of things, still getting used to the new room. Computer just crashed, so he's trying to fix it from his phone. Don't clear the decks? Unless you can somehow throw the coins at him

Coins were thrown

Kushal - Had a weekend, and a spring break. Spent lots of time transferring from gen 7 to gen 8 games, and lost 400 pokemans :frowning:


Liam - Corn subsidies - it's at 3.56, buy some corn. I don't care about social distancing, you fucks

Kate - Shit I had to see with my faceholes - I don't have a text to read to you this week, but I want to announce that zoom is now a dating service???

Kaylie - Cats are stupid - Sometimes, rose likes to knock over her waterbowl. This hasn't been happening because I bought her a fountain, which she now hates and rips apart

Kate - Mark Zuck's wild ride - It's only quarantine if its in the quarant province of france. Otherwise, it's just sparkling isolation

Sam - Who wrote a wiki page for me????

Liam - Culinary standards - Unfortunately for all of you, you miss out on horrifying ice cream

Oliver - The ah ma airports committee - Looks like america's airports are doing just great at the moment

Mckenna - To add on, I had to cancel a United flight, and their website was broken, so I waited on hold for an hour and 20 only to learn the website now worked

Sawyer - Hive Mind - We owe two bees? Are you end report

Mckenna - AH rip the bay area - A man asked me to move away from him, and I was like 3 feet from him. Also, they're now in "Shelter in place"

Jay - AH Broken microphone committee -

Liam - Committee to burn down r7 - Belated failure for the next 3 months at least

Kaylie - Carnegie scenic committee - Lots of stuff with the drama meme pages. The spicy memes page posted a screenshot from the susan's angels insta, and then blocked the drama page. They then signed a treaty, and won't repost their meme page, as long as David is blocked from seeing the memes

Kate - Mark's wild ride - How millenials killed mayonaise - My son, Jake, eats mayo. He's a good son. I also have a daughter. She studies gender, and loathes may o Kaylie - Marks wild ride - "Tell us your birthday, and we'll have Rhianna come punch you in the throat"

Tim - NomCom - This is awkward, but a message will come on to nonverbal with a link to the nominations document. People should put messages into the document, in order to make nomination. If you wish to make a nomination, write "I nominate (Person) for (Position)", and use the :xup: to second the nominations

Nomcom stuff:

Kushal nominated for 2vp

Kushal for 1 vp

Kushal for president

Kaylie for 1 vp

Sawyer for S@A

Oliver for S@A

James for treasurer

James for 2vp

Sawyer for recsec

Woody for president

Sawyer for president

Olive garden for recsec

Dez for president

Kushal for corsec

Oliver for corsec

Kaylie for corsec

Dez for S@A, iff it does not create empty slates at the end

That's it for this week!


Dez - We can't have events, the school said no

Dez - We want to run some sort of events, at least some weeks, just for engagement and fun

Woody - Game nights still work!

Kushal -Dez livesteams himself doing homework, and we just watch

Mckenna - There's a fun game called Telestrations, like pictionary * telephone, and it would be fun on zoom!

Sawyer - Could do a minecraft server, seems pretty awesome

Liam - Jackbox works well over twitch

Kate - Booth committee approves of minecraft

Oliver - Wondering what kind of games people play? If people play FPS, that would work well

Dez - Henry also suggested a game of Civ already

Kate - Trivia night via kahoot :smile:

Woody - Steam share would work for couch co-op!

Mckenna - Steam crashes my computer

Kaylie - Potluck, but you zoom yourself making the food and we follow the recipe

There are haters but the recsec thinks this is a great idea

Kaylie - Potluck, but we all make cereal and eat it on zoom

Sawyer - Bob ross painting night

Mckenna - I think that there could totally be a puzzle or murder mystery night via online

Liam - Puzzle hunt committee would be down to do something like this

Sawyer - Gmod?

Liam - Motion to make fax the official communication method of the KGB


Kate - Booth committee - With carnival being cancelled, we can't do booth. :frowning: This is sad, but there's nothing we can do about it. This is the best decision to prevent the spread of this diseases. If the people in Pittsburgh have ideas about doing something booth or carpentry related, get in touch and we can figure something out


Who has the thing? Kaylie

Who wants the thing? (Or spirit thereof) Sam

What's not Sam's fault? The horrible weather yesterday morning

Everything else, including Sars Cov-2, is his fault


From Feb 10, procastination committee

Purpose - I'll think about that later

Kaylie - Motion to table till the next annual meeting

Woody - We should wait to talk about this until the next time it comes up

Jonathan - AGH. You know, I was gonna come up with a reason to table this, but I couldn't

Kushal - Still just comfortable like that

Keerthana - Meep Meep

Tabled till next annual meeting

"motion to make a standing rule that a committee X can make themselves an “anticomittee” of another committee Y by “declaring war” on committee Y.

A motion to “make a peace treaty” can absolve two committees of their anti committee status. This also must pass by simple majority on the other committee’s chairs, although at least 1 must be present."

Passed, been changed

Overall motion passed

Keerthana - POI, are anti committees symmetric?

Dez - Super symmetric, in fact

Liam - All of physics is a meme


(recsec is temporarily disabled, working on why)

Turns out Discord just crashed, so the meeting adjourns here.