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A large, metal erection sticking out of campus near the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Morewood Avenue. Formally known as Walking to the Sky, and designed by alumnus Jonathan Borofsky, it is one of several acts of vandalism. It was built with an intention of expressing cultural and generational diversity, showing several people of different races and ages walking up one side of it, excluding those in wheelchairs. While it may appear that the "artist" is discriminitory to the disabled, it may also be that the pole is too narrow to roll a wheelchair up.

The sculpture itself, yet another unsolicited gift from an unnervingly affluent member of CMU's board of trustees, occasioned more controversy, debate, outcry, and reduction of student apathy than any other issue in recent memory. None of this, of course, mattered a damn to the Board, who dug several large holes around campus before finally selecting one in which to plant the sculpture.

Three people have been so captivated by this piece that they have been standing at its base looking up at it now since installation in May 2006. Whether they suffer from paralysis and neck cramps, are gazing in awe, or are appalled at the atrocity of this phallic symbol is is not known. However, it is also being watched by several cameras belonging to campus police, who have a running pool going to see which organization will put their logo, flag, symbol, etc, on top of Walking to the Sky first.