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President - Jon Bennett

First Vice President - Todd Williamson

Second Vice President - Will Frank

Third Vice President - Doug DeCarlo

Recording Secretary - Jay Laefer

Corresponding Secretary - Dan Lovinger

Treasurer - Chris Newman

Sergeant at Arms - Dave Markley

Historian - Ethan Evans

This is drawn from an old spreadsheet in ~kgb/lib/lists which has a strange format. Jon served as President through the Fall semester, at which point Susan Olson (so0s aka the Spandex Queen and First Female Member and President) took over. so0s is also an alternate 2nd VP, and a second alternate 2nd VP by the name of Brian Hobbs. This seems to suggest a tumultuous first year, with so0s taking first the vacant office of 2nd VP, later to accede to the office of President, presumably by assassination.

This founding year is also the last year in which the Third Vice President and Historian positions existed. They didn't last long.

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1988 Officers
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