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* We played Kremlin.
* We played Kremlin.

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A nefarious plot has been hatched among the defectors to overthrow KGB's control of its annual Carnival party in 2008 and throw a somewhat grander shindig to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of KGB's founding. Jay Laefer is coordinating a list of people who would like to receive more party information via email. The rest of us will get our information here.

Promotional Video #03 (Archive: #02, #01)

The Plan

Basic planning tasks:

  • Gather contact information.
  • Pick a date, probably during Carnival (April 17-20, 2008).
  • Book a venue.
  • Obtain funds.

The Central Committee

If you would like to join the central planning committee who will be held responsible for this travesty, please log in and add your name below.

The Brainstorming List

It would be totally keen if:

  • The party were held someplace near campus to make travel between Midway and the party easy.
  • The party were held someplace where real food could be served or possibly provided.
  • The party were held someplace that a full range of beverages could be served.
  • We had custom KGB pocket protectors as favors.
  • There were an associated game of CTFWS.
  • The party were held on a cruise ship in some exotic location.
  • We Defectors created a blitz booth.
  • A variety of ancient and revered KGB artifacts could be assembled and displayed.
    • Images of any and all KGB silliness need to be preserved for posterity in the KGB's nifty new flickr account created by so0s and growing exponentially in popularity.
    • The original five-minute booth -- the one made of styrofoam.
    • The original KGB buggy can be recreated from its original Legos courtesy of rm3t and so0s
    • Dan Lovinger still has a "Topple the Czar" figure, I think.
    • Somewhere, I (ee0r) may still have a FL0M B0MB.
  • There were showings of KGB: The Movie and its sequel(s).
  • Some accommodation were made for those defectors who (scary as this is) have small and infant children.
  • We played Kremlin.