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=== Warnings ===
=== Warnings ===
We want warning stickers all over the halls - if you have some good ones, add them here.
We want warning stickers all over the halls - if you have some good ones, add them here.
=== Electronics and Gadgets ===
=== Electronics and Gadgets ===

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The information contained herein is not necessarily complete or accurate; editing by those who have discussed Booth and remember more details would be much appreciated.

(Floor plans are available at http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~edanaher/kgbbooth-Layout1.png (also as .EPS and .pdf - someone should get uploading working and put them here.)

Overall Plan

The theme is "Everything Good at KGB Science Labs" or some similar "headline". This is the case for the upper floor, which has demonstrations of various Scientific Phenomena, as well as the Game. The lower floor is then where the 1984-style Truth comes in, and everything collapses.


This is a rough outline of what a visitor to the Booth will see; hopefully it can be fleshed out to provide sufficient detail.


There are several windows into the Booth. One has a Jacob's ladder, as well as possibly other shiny things. This window is also visible at the top of the first staircase.

Another window can show off the theremin.

Other windows have other stuff.

The front has a headline, possibly fake text, and advertises KGB Science.


The entrance to the booth is manned by a friendly robo-ceptionist, who gives some friendly greeting and invites visitors to see the wonders of Science.

Once inside, the visitors immediately proceed upstairs to the upper floor along a staircase festooned with posters/flyers giving vague Scientific Warnings (wear goggles, be careful with chemicals, do not feed the experiments...) and/or photographs of Successful Experiments.

Upper Floor

The upper floor is the Pinnacle of Science: there are various gadgets around.

In the middle wall, something is floating in a jar/vat/tank.

A theremin is on a table near the Game.

Towards the end of the floor, before going downstairs, there is a table with various Scientific Gadgets on it. These include potentially a plamsa ball, some chemical reactions, and a Jacob's Ladder. If we could find some linked gears, we would totally put them here.

Inner Stairs

After perusing the upper floor, visitors proceed to down a second staircase. This one also has attractive flyers, but they are somewhat disturbing, suggesting that KGB labs is playing with Great Powers that may Destroy Them.

Lower Floor

Here things have clearly gone wrong. Lighting may be poor, experiments are in disarray, creepy tentacles are pulling scientists into the ceiling.

The roboceptionist is visible again at the bottom of the stairs, but here has mutated into a disturbing robot, or has been destroyed by tentacles, or somesuch.

A scientist manikin (former zombie) is being pulled into the ceiling; other tentacles may be around.

An Electrical Panel is by the stairs, with odd labellings: (1, 2, 3, pizza, 5); a switch labeled Magic/More Magic, another labeled Nun/Hydralisk. A Giant Red Lever. An Awkward Button placed near the floor; a blinking red "Problem" Light higher up.

One alcove (under the stairs) has a Creature bumping against the glass.

The other alcove is walled off with warning tape and has Something To Be Determined behind it (allowing easy access to the adjacent Electrical Panel)


Big board full of buttons and levers

We want a design where just pushing various buttons or switches causes interesting things to happen. Ideas include a big red lever, the "Problem" light (like from Venture bros), a three-way switch and button for sci-fi sound effects, a green button that says "turn yellow button on" and a yellow button that says "turn green button off", and similar.

Glisson is working on this.


If you have a good schematic, or tips, tell Jared. Otherwise, it's just a standard theremin.

Jared is working on this.


We want warning stickers all over the halls - if you have some good ones, add them here.


Electronics and Gadgets

We want a bunch of failed experiments and other random electronics in the lower area. Also, we'd like some gadgets that do work and are shiny and nice-looking for the upper room display area.

Big Displays

Robot tentacles for people to walk through, a big creature that can thump scarily against some plexiglass, and an unknown something that can fit in our other nook.