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First Vice President, Fall 2013:

Caroline Colombo hails from a small village up the river, down the road, and along that way ‘til you reach the boulders, you can’t miss it. It was noted by the village elders that Caroline was far too curious for her own good, so rather than inducting her into the Guild of People Who Do Vaguely Useful But Not Terribly Important Tasks, she was sent to go learn what she would of the world. She took to this new learning like a cat to a laser pointer, immediately resolving to learn as much of the world as she could. Years of experience soon made her an invaluable councillor; she travelled far and wide across land and ocean; she was employed by kings, generals, and wizards in turn as their PR representative. Her strength is unmatched and her wits are yet more terrifying, but if you ask any who has seen her it’s always her smile they remember. With a click of her heels she could summon a great host of lions to fight for her, but instead she has instructed them in the arts of the harp and friendship.

Written by: mnabraha and mwoolfor

Preceded by
Tim Vaughan
First Vice President
Fall 2013
Succeeded by
James Colmar