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Awesome. See those links in the upper-right? Have at it.*

*Unless it's the Bylaws, or another page full of serious business. Seriously, DON'T EDIT THE BYLAWS!

Caveat: You need to talk to a current or former member of the organization to get your account made. Just ask around, and once you've found someone willing, send them to Special:CreateAccount. It's probably best to ask an administrator, though, because they'll then need to give you the "member" permission from Special:UserRights in order for you to be able to do anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Questions With Unhelpful Answers Listed Inside This Subsection

How awesome is it that I'm editing this wiki?

Present, former, or prospective member of the organization... awesome
Present, former, or prospective Dean of Student Affairs... more awesome
Present, former, or prospective person on the internet... even more awesome
Present, former, or prospective associate of the bylaws committee... some or infrequent awesome

I am a former entirety of the bylaws committee. Does that count? --Z

Shouldn't that be on the discussion page? --ee0r

We'll let it slide. --rjmccall

Then that makes you younger KGB members 'slacker geeks' You should show some respect to Z already. Without him you would not have CtFwS. --so0s

That's like saying that without Einstein we wouldn't have General Relativity. --Ed

Section title

If you're going to create a vanity page about yourself, that's fine, but you should probably put it in the main namespace (e.g. vputin), not the user namespace (e.g. User:Vputin), just for general aesthetic reasons. Also, we're not going to do anything about the improper capitalization of your user id, so there.

Titled section

If you're out of ideas for what to edit, consider these: